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Superstition Mistaken for Spirituality

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A few weeks ago, a Florida man sent me an email expressing that a woman he dated a several times told him that she have to pray about their continued relationship before he took her out again. According to him, his date began to shy away from him when she discovered that he loved to eat pork and she didn’t touch pork. She felt that unless they shared the same food tastes she couldn’t cook for him and the division of food is a bad omen. She concluded to turn to matter over to the Lord.

It usually makes me cringe when someone suggest that they pray before selecting a mate. Biblical and World History shows that prayer is often the seed from which miracles spring forth. However, it seems to me that miracles are reserved for supernatural fetes that are often beyond the power of humans alone. For example: When that US Airways airplane with 155 people on board crash-landed into the chilly Hudson River in New York in January 2009 after striking at least one bird and not a single solitary soul died was a miracle. I imagine when pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger announced over the sound system to prepare for a crash landing into the icy river everyone prayed. Prayer definitely has its place.

There are many relationships shrouded in long fervent prayer, and the appearance of God’s blessing, that ended in disaster. Praying for a good relationship is not something that I resign myself to do.

Although, I pray on a regular basis for a clear mind, which hopefully covers such mundane matters. It is not of much significance to me if a woman eats raw meat or is a vegan - loves the Lord or claims no faith. I feel the test of compatibility is in the character and moral values of a person and not their religious beliefs. Religious beliefs and dietary choices are a personal matter and to sit around waiting on someone to say “peanut butter” every time you say “jelly” as a sign of everlasting compatibility is a shot in the dark while wearing a blindfold.

I sent a return email to my correspondent from Florida not to invest too much time or image a future in that woman regardless of what she decided to do about him and his hearty appetite for pork. If I was in his shoes, I would tell her that I not only ate pork but usually dropped a hambone in my bath water to keep away evil spirits… Now go and pray about that.

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