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Embracing the Wholeness of Singleness

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Singleness is often a very narrow used term. However, the state of singleness is broad and determined by the state of mind. The term being single is viewed as a less favorable marital status and symbolic with being lonely and/or spinsterhood when applied to older people.

However the expanded term ‘being single’ offers more positive qualities than individuals feeling lonely realize. Lonely people often think with their heart instead of their mind thus end up setting for temporal relationships, which are easily obtained in the revolting door of fear-based loneliness. The fear of being alone causes many to do what they might call lowering their standards.

Lowering ones personal standards is compromising ones singleness because being single, in the expanded term, is being secure and whole.

The righteous and crude form of singleness is something many married and unmarried people never experienced. Unfortunately many people never have known true autonomy or mental independence.

Many have gone from high school into the military, college, or even long-term incarceration under the supervision of one authority after another then directly into a marriage and the spared thinking of a marriage. In a sense, being controlled by the tenets, rules, doctrines, and/or bylaws of any institution, religion, club, gang, or organization is not being holistically single or whole. People need extensive quality time inside their own skin while reaching their unadulterated singleness, wholeness, truth, and reality - uncompromised by status quo, loneliness, fear, and/or emotionalism.

The negative unresolved issues people bring into relationships are the results of not attaining wholeness while in singleness. One of the advantages and responsibilities of singleness is to establish strengths and values worthy of a good relationship. To compromise values and/or reasonable standards while single is not truly being single but being emotionally and mentally controlled by fear. The objective is to bring value not baggage into relationships.

To be single is not to detour from the truth of who you are or aspire to become. Don’t get into a relationship or marriage while you’re trying to overcome your issues.

People that carry all kinds of problems of their past into new relationships were never really single all at. They were never whole. To be single is to discover yourself, resolve your issues without leaning on a relationship to help you forget or cover-up something. To be single is to be focused not wobbly or wishy-washy about beliefs or principles. When you marry or become involved in a potentially everlasting relationship you become one –unified – and it’s too late to still be trying to discover yourself or overcome dirt from way back. You’re not meant to become anyone’s better half. You are not half a person.

Enjoy your singleness and become whole. I have a question!

Question: What would it take, what would have to happen in your life these days, for you to allow yourself to really kickback, relax and just enjoy?

Answer: Whatever it is, you will achieve it, earn it, acquire it, or experience it SO MUCH FASTER. . . if you first... kickback, relax and just enjoy.

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Thank you for your article. I needed to hear that.



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