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Shake off the Dust of your Feet

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Richard O. JonesThere is a scripture in the Bible that has helped me to avoid troublesome relationships though the scripture has a higher meaning than my usage. Matthew 10:14 (King James Version) 14 And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.

Burdensome relationships. For many of us it’s occasional, for a few of us it’s routine, to find ourselves emotionally bound in burdensome relationships.

Beginning 2010, it would be a year since my former wife and I were together and quite candidly 2009 was my healthiest year in a decade both mentally and physically.

My year as a born again divorcee has bestowed my faith in utilizing common sense when selecting a compatible partner. In the past, I down played the negative traits of women and accentuated the positive (which I sometimes over magnified). I have come to the conclusion that my life is too short to invest my remaining years in a person with obvious social, physical and/or mental issues. In my screening process, though I still find it tough, I do not down play a woman’s negatives nor do I accentuate her positives. Instead I call it like it is. I pray about. God might send me a gluttonous or mentally ill woman to love as some type of test of faith –come on now.

The year 2009 was my dust-shaking year. I opted to cast away the opportunity of a close personal relationship with several women that I would have found favor in the past. One lady was a cigarette smoker. With all of the information about cigarettes causing cancer, I couldn’t bring myself to develop closeness with anyone that behaved so recklessly regarding her health and the health of others. Then I rejected the warm reception of a woman that owned a beauty supply store. The problem with her was that she washed her hands after every customer. She was paranoid about handling money because of germs. This woman brought her own plastic eating utensils, sealed in cellophane, to restaurants and only handled doorknobs with a napkin or paper towel to protect herself from germs – come on now. Years ago, I probably would have ignored her behavior because she was such a nice person. Finally, there was this woman that was a stickler for detail and protocol.

Everything must be according to the book or her upbringing. I could imagine that she would develop an anal-retentive personally. Nevertheless, the process of shaking the dust from my feet has paid off. Today I am a friend with a woman that is not only nice with a good heart but she seems to be the epitome of what I call sane. Now my only fear is that she’ll discover how crazy I am – come on now.

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