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Tiger Woods is Just Another Ice Cream Truck on the Block

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Richard O. JonesFame, power, opportunity, and/or wealth attract women like the musical chimes of an ice cream truck attracts children. When I was a kid, the ice cream truck would roll around each afternoon. Then again later in the evening another ice cream truck would be heard a block away. Each time, my playmates and I would stop whatever we were doing and dash towards the sound of musical nursery rhymes coming from the music box of the ice cream parlor on wheels.

Ironically, half the time I didn’t have the money to buy anything but it was still somewhat of a treat to run behind the ice cream truck. A doubly special treat was to be considered a special friend of the ice cream man and occasionally get a free ice cream or get to ride inside the truck with the driver for half a block.

When a woman marries a celebrity or powerful and/or popular public figure, she usually does so with the knowledge that to multitudes of females her husband is the neighborhood ice cream man on a global level. The lure of the ice cream truck for children is never going to go away as long as there are ice cream trucks patrolling the streets just as the attraction of celebrities and popular figures are here to stay. Like children, there are certain types of adult females that strive to become a special friend to the ice cream man. Although the special friendship is usually secretive; nonetheless, the woman/child feels special but would nonetheless abandon him for another ice cream truck, which might symbolically appear in the shape of her own personal fame through a juicy scandal or tell-all book.

Regarding Tiger Woods and the scandal surrounding his adulterous lifestyle while driving his ice cream truck exclusively through White neighborhoods, his beautiful former lingerie-modeling wife, who was perhaps the common run-of-the-mill opportunist, now lives a lavish lifestyle and goes out and buys a multimillion dollar home in another country when she wants to get away, though her Klondike Bar is melting, still has a 50/50 Bar in her other hand. My compassion and sympathy is not wasted on Mrs.

Tiger Woods and her children because there are millions of other wives with cheating husbands that were left without such soft cushions to fall on. However, I am grateful that she wasn’t around when OJ Simpson or Rae Carruth was driving their ice cream truck through her neighborhood. If there is a lesson to be learned it is for all women to stop chasing these illusions as if they were gullible little children.

Tiger Woods is not the Lone Ranger although his own silver bullet called “ego” has wounded him. There are many other wealthy men, sport figures, popular preachers, college professors, musicians, comedians, actors, businessmen, politicians, including other Tom, Dick, and Harrys’ asking ice cream truck chasers the question, “What would you do for a Klondike Bar?”

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