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Inexpensive Cure For Older Males Intimate Insecurities

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Richard O. Jones

Most people are not 100% satisfied with their physical features.

Somewhere between the top of their head and the bottom of their feet men and women respectively have inferiority complexes. No need for me to go down the list and name every possibility until I hit yours because you already know what it is or what they are. However, take a moment and ponder approximately how much money you have spent improving or trying to improve on the area or areas of your sensitivity. Industries specializing in creating a market then catering to the perceived need rake in billions of dollars annually. Women are their prime targets of these companies; however, they are now relentlessly coming after men. In recent years, some commercials try to convince men that erectile dysfunction can only be overcome with various pills such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Other commercials selling products and procedures require men to inject their penis with drugs, insert a suppository into his urethra, and even attach an expensive external vacuum pump to his penis. There are many legitimate doctors that successfully treat erectile dysfunction cases; however, many men are being duped and often injured by ED products purchased on the internet. No one should order any of the aforementioned treatments online. Go to your doctor, preferably a urologist, for advice. However, if your doctor is unsuccessful with reviving your back-in-the-day sexual prowess then turn to natural resources, not the internet or TV commercials.

Though I’m not a sex therapist, as most women that have ever been the-other-woman in an adulterous relationship knows, I know that many men who cannot perform at home do quite well away from

home. There are brothels in Las Vegas that specialize in married men with impotency problems. Not long ago, a friend told me that he watches pornography in the next room until he’s sufficiently aroused before he goes to bed with his wife, otherwise he’s impotent. I know, though this is definitely not an endorsement, that many rapists report that they can only get aroused when raping a woman and/or molesting a child. The thing that all these men have in common is that it’s all in their minds. Men with emotional problems and/or with over-aggressive, frigid, or complaining and arguing wives suffer the most ED. Men under the stress to please and men that have been told, or made to feel, that they’re no good in bed may also suffer from ED. However, some men will find renewed excitement with his wife or girlfriend by doing new things such as playing roles.

For example: He pretends to be somebody he’s not, such as a plumber; she pretends to be somebody she’s not, such as a customer that can’t afford the expensive repairs. See where I’m going?

Another successful method is to have his female player to change her appearance. This could mean anything from changing her wig and make-up to wearing a specific uniform. Sometimes this presents a problem because the female might become insecure and accuse the man of not wanting her and really wanting someone else. But once the insecurity hurdle is passed and the bedroom complaining or indifference stops there could be improvement in the romance department and a lot of money and relationships saved.

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