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Marriage is not for all couples Steve Harvey

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Richard O. Jones

There are unmarried senior couples with spiritual values that have a problem separating their natural impulse for sex from their desire please God. Uneasiness of living in sin compels many couples that live together to forgo their smooth and fully satisfying relationship and marry to hopefully please God, which ends in divorce 50% of the time. However there are many senior couples, some previously married, that prefer to remain single but live together as a married couple. Contrary to the misguided belief of many, including popular comedian Steve Harvey, not all women that cohabitate do so with the underlining desire to marry. On August 19, comedian turned author, Steve Harvey debuted on the “Good Morning America Show” as one of the host, where he is scheduled to appear for several months, as an expert on marriage and relationships based on his best selling book, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.”

Harvey made a gallant but feeble attempt to counsel married and unmarried couples on their relationships based on his tunnel vision and Christian based beliefs.

Steve Harvey seems to think that every unmarried woman living with a man wanted to get married; however her lover is prolonging, sidestepping, or stonewalling the issue. One of the four couples Harvey sought to advise were over fifty, unmarried, and lived together. Both the man and woman expressed that they were happy, in love, and had no intentions of marrying. Harvey sneered and smirked as he tried to convince the woman that she was just being strung along and the man was delighted with the situation. However, the woman did not budge from her position. She pleasantly, but firmly, explained that she and her lover had lived together for seven years and either saw no purpose or benefit in getting married just because it is the expected lifestyle of society. The man stated that they had all their business in order therefore the legal benefits that marriage represented was not a motivation. The woman backed up her man 100% and then some. Harvey was dumbfounded and at a lost of words, which is unusual for the quick-witted comic.

From my personal point of view, although I am a Christian and a senior, I too would prefer to live with a woman rather than to marry at this stage of my life. The core benefits of marriage, which is for the security of the woman and/or children, does not apply to most older couples. In many cases, it may not be a financially sound move to marry. Harvey promotes the idea that if you’re an unmarried woman living with a man, deep down inside you really want to be married and the man is dodging the altar. The this a say, “Not so!” Personally, I believe that when an unmarried couple is in love, happy, treating each other right and after thoroughly considering their options decide not to marry society should try to impose their religious beliefs on them. After isn’t happiness what we’re really after?

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