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Seniors Should Have Economical Smarts

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Richard O. Jones

We’ve all heard the adage, ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. ’ This adage is doubly true when it pertains to seniors. I can hardly think of anything more troubling than attaching ones self to an economical fool in these times of high prices, fixed incomes, and national hard times. However, when a solo senior is an individual that the image labels retailers, nail shops, and credit card companies love to see coming that’s one thing but when that person pairs up with a conscientious saver, ‘the sand is gonna hit the fan,’ to put it mildly. It bothers me to see seniors squander his or her money on fads and trends in order to impress others or is a slave to advertisements.

Seniors are always worrying about money on one hand but many are shoveling it out foolishly with the other.

Therefore, before you get emotionally involved with a mate with a hole in his or her pocket, and perhaps head, the following are a few commonsense tips to share just to test your economical compatibility. The almost understandable for young people to get ripped off because most are a slave to fads but for seniors – it’s not even funny.

1. Gym Fees

The sales pitch is compelling and the promise of better health is hard to deny. But getting roped into a legal obligation to pay a big monthly fee for the next two or three years—whether you use the gym or not—makes no sense. Get Smart: Find a gym or health club that requires no contract (you pay by the month if and when you desire). Or don’t pay at all: There’s a big wonderful world out there where you can walk, jog or run for free!

2. Fast-Food Runs

You know how ridiculous it is to spend $3 or $4 for coffee—over and over, day after day. But how about the other snacks and food purchases that can cause your bank account to evaporate? A morning egg sandwich here, an afternoon bag of chips there…before you know it, you’ve spent $20 or more a week. Get Smart: Before you leave the house in the morning, figure out how much cash you’ll need for the day, then take only that amount with you. Bring your own snacks and pack a brown-bag lunch to reduce costs even more.

3. Rental Car Insurance

Saying yes can add anywhere from $9 to $30 or more per day to the cost of the car. That’s a waste if you carry insurance on your cars at home, or if you pay with a credit card that offers rental car insurance as a perk. Your existing auto policy may be all you need if it includes third-party liability, collision and comprehensive coverage for rentals (most do!). Get smart:

Before you even get to the car rental counter, call your insurance agent to make sure you’re covered. Check your credit card’s terms and conditions, too.

4. Bottled Water

You’ve got to hand it to the bottled water industry. They’ve managed to convince otherwise rational people to pay around 800 times more to purchase water in a bottle rather than get it from the tap. These days a 16-oz bottle of “spring” water goes for about a dollar, which works out to about $8 a gallon—twice the cost of milk, and roughly on par with soft drinks. Home delivery is less per gallon, but still around $40 a month, according to online averages. However, 16 8-oz glasses of tap water cost about a penny. Bottom line: You’ve heard it before, but now you have to do it. Lay off the bottled water! Get Smart: The next time you feel thirsty, turn on the tap. Don’t like the taste of your tap water? Invest in a filter pitcher or install an inexpensive faucet filter. You’ll still come out ahead For more tips go to website then email me.

Website : www.richardojoneslive.com

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