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Men are intimidated by Secure Women - According to Secure Women

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Richard O. Jones

In recent months, several ladies over fifty have told me that they have a problem finding compatible mates because they intimidate older men for various reasons, including self-confidence, and financial security. Personally, I have experienced a few of my male friends shy away from certain type women but intimidation was not the cause. Nonetheless some women make men uncomfortable by their personality, which could resemble intimidation. It seems that a few men can’t wrap their arms around the reality that women are more independent than ever before. Nevertheless, most of the men that are labeled intimidated by women are simply being mislabeled. I have observed that many women rationalize that they intimidate men when men express more disinterest than interest.

Women that are constantly flirted with and pursued by men seldom feel that they intimidate men.

Some females feel that their beauty intimidates the opposite sex.

Some feel it’s their successful station in life. Each set of circumstances must be judged on an individual basis. Few have validity - most don’t. Sometimes a woman is passed over not because she’s beautiful but because she’s putting too much effort in flaunting her beauty or sex appeal. Men have told me that they prefer not to get serious about a woman that appears to be obsessed with beauty. Vanity is not attractive.

However, regarding self-confidence and financial security most secure men prefer a woman with self-confidence and her own reliable sort of finances. However, insecure women often settle for a mate beneath her social and/or financial status. The she makes his life miserable use attitude. There’s a certain type of Black woman that is quick to boast that she is a strong Black woman. Usually men see this as a red flag that she is arrogant and standing on guard to challenge him on every issue. Consistently, men have told me that they back away from this type of female and it is not due to intimidation as much as it is to circumvent years of dealing with a woman with a superiority complex. A truly strong Black woman knows how to uplift a man even when she subconsciously knows that she holds the best cards.

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The newsletter has a rapidly growing number of females that express that most men are intimidated by secure women. This is a tragedy because if this mindset continues many seniors, male and female, will be compelled to settle for a lifetime of solitude. The newsletter has a shortage of men subscribers and seeks secure men over fifty that can help bring build a bridge in the senior gap. Good moral character are the only prerequisites to join.

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