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Esoteric Method Few Seniors Use to Meet Available Companions

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Richard O. Jones

It’s amazing to observe how the wit of people declines as they age. Many solo seniors sit home in private prayer for a mate. For the majority, prayer and hope of a chance meeting is the extent of their secret pursuit for an intimate companionship or love, which ever comes first. When females were young they took the initiative to cross the paths of the men of their dreams. For instance, I believe, many young single nurses choose their careers to be closer to young single doctors than to patients. Furthermore, I would image that more women in the medical field marry doctors than women in any other single profession. Also I would image the same is true that more female flight attendants marry pilots than any other single profession as more legal secretary marry lawyers and cheerleaders marry athletes.

Contentment being alone is not a young woman’s mantra nor should it become the passivity of seniors. However, all single female seniors (women over fifty) are not passively allowing their sunset years to go down without strategically asserting themselves. In other words, they put themselves in positions to meet the type of men that would most likely interest them. Many senior women would prefer a senior man with a secure income regardless if he was working or retired. In order to widen the good prospects, while weeding out the unwanted types, the woman would have to ask herself where would her desirable type of senior men likely be found. If the woman likes dancing, she might look into ballroom dancing either in classes or by joining a ballroom dancing club. Unlike line dancing classes where many solo women attend, in ballroom dancing men are needed and senior men like to go places that they feel needed. However ballroom dancing can be substituted for whatever activity interests the woman such as joining senior cycling clubs or swimming clubs. Such groups attract more solo senior men than senior women.

The idea is to do something different than the average minded senior female would think to do to meet preferred men. I once read an article written by an older white woman in a national magazine that described how she and many other senior women found men without a problem. The article said that every older woman has acquired enough knowledge or skill in some area to professionally teach – teach something! The article stated that each woman should search herself for that special talent and teach it in a special class for senior men through a community college continuing education program or any class setting, even getting a church to donate a classroom for a good community purpose. For instance senior men might want to learn to cook, make clothes, use coupons, speak a foreign language, play piano, sing, care for a grandbaby, prepare taxes, model, etc. If a woman can write a four-week curriculum for a one hour per week class to consist of four to six students, it would not only reap extra money but also surround her with a half dozen of single senior men every few weeks.

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