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Africans' Balanced Law of Opposites

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The underlying etymological meaning of "Balance" comes from the Ancient African Bible mythological Judgment Day story associated with the entirety of the "Suchness" (non-verbal quality reality happening) which spotlights its weighing apparatus. If the "Heart" (a part of the Soul) placed in one pan weighs more than the feather of Ma'at in the other pan, the two pans would be imperfectly balanced, indicating the deceased had not lived a life of Goodness--specifically, ones actions were motivated by the Emotional (animal) part of ones spirit. If ones Heart is lighter than the feather, it indicates one is so overly religious as to live by rules which are outside what it takes to be human. The point: at death, ones Soul, symbolized as a "Heart," must balance against a feather, called Ma’at, symbol of justice and righteousness. This means the Spiritual Elements allow for a wide range of thoughts, emotions, expressions, and actions as part of daily living and in which mistakes can be made without creating disharmony within oneself or for others. Yet, whenever any disharmony arises, it must be handled immediately by correcting the problem and ensuring it will not happen again. Meanwhile, the application of Balance is to use that Mistake as an opportunity to create something better, for this is a teaching moment to perceive things as being more than one normally does. Ancient Africans used this to illustrate that in the Metaphysical there can be more than one "right" answer. This is why I never understood the European system of there being only only "right" answer and then calling (Black ) youth "stupid" if they did not conform to such narrow and wrong thinking. In my "True/False" or "Multiple Choice" examinations in grade school I could usually think where what was not considered the "right" answer could apply under different circumstances. Another thing I struggled with was who decided what was right and "How did they know that?"

Incidentally, Ancient Africans used Temu, the African goddess of the Amenta Night and an alter ego of the goddess Ma’at, to hold the Scale of Justice in order to symbolize right or divine justice of lawfulness. When this Symbol was “borrowed” around the Mediterranean, the Greeks plagiarized it, renamed her Themis, the goddess of oracles, of law, and of order among all things—and this is how Western culture came to use it to symbolize their form of administering "justice"-- bad “justice” of the “unfair, unequal” type. Their objective is to assure they have unfair advantages while imparting on their victims (e.g. Black People) unfair disadvantages. Nevetheless, the African Scale of Justice infers that Balance in Nature comes from the changing polarity--but, when equal, there is Equilibrium arising from the point of no polarity. Such is found in the present moment--the moment where God exists--the undefinable moment since it did not just begin and it did not end, thus making it outside the continuum of time. In short, true life is in the present moment.

Every human's purpose, said African Sages, is uniting her/his oppositions--e.g. male/female, plus/minus, soft/rough, high/low--to take a state likened to a two-sided coin--a state whereby the involved opposites are complementary (Ankh)--a state whereby fusion creates a unified "Being" (Neter--Oneness)--a state of togetherness so that what is above becomes what is below to thereby maintain harmony in life. So this duality of opposites becomes a unison of two which is essentially equal to the original One--the Chaos in the Ocean of Nun. There cannot be manifestation unless a third principle is present--i.e. ones awareness to see in the interacting medium that there is no separation between aspects of the Cosmic Organism in general (for underlying both they are the same), and, in particular, there is no separation between the human Soul and God (for they are One and the same). Such awarenesses represent the Ma'at Balance Scale in action. From the Cosmic Consciousness, God, comes oneself and the Cosmic Organism or comes ones male and female Principles (both are aspects of ones Divine Consciousness). Here, there is interaction between the three, which are really One. Such a Ma'at Principle--a "Seed" Truth with  2 sides of a coin aspects or 2 Truths forming a given reality--is present throughout all Phenomenal World (Nature) manifestations (e.g. the human body) based on the Law of Correspondence.


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