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Physics & Africans' Laws of Opposites (Part E)

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Ancient Africans considered Myth, or Mythology, to be the science of ultimate reality--whose purpose is to explain Cosmic meaning via Physics (studies of matter, motion, and forces of Nature), not tell made-up tales. By contrast, 98% of what is presented as 'truth' in today's information about (among others) the "Physical" ('things related to Nature') and the "Tangible" (e.g. physical assets) is false. Western dictionaries define "Physical" (among others) as 'relating to Matter and Energy''; "Matter" and "Material" as what things are made of--but not saying what are the 'made of' things.' Some reasons are failing or unwilling or an inability to examine what underlies "Matter's" defining features of "Stable," "Solid," and "Forms". Ancient Africans knew thousands of years ago what Western science is just beginning to learn--that the solidarity of objects is just a mental illusion. Matter (Indo-European--'to measure, illusion, magic, creative power) only appears solid because of the electrical charges of the atoms repelling one another. Back then, they defined "Physical Matter" as Spiritual Energy in various states of manifestations or vibrations--meaning it is only a  "manifest" form which arises from a deeper, unmanifest source. They also expressed the theory of Time/Space relativity in their Creation stories long before Einstein proposed it. So when recent Western scientists started looking under a microscope, they saw crystals; then molecules; then atoms, etc.--but never arriving at anything indicating 'what it is'--i.e. its essence. The current String Theory says the atomic and subatomic particles (atoms, neutrons, protons, quarks) are not really just subatomic points in space but rather they exist as strings of energy or have strings of energy attached to them.

These strings are acted upon by the four fundamental forces in the universe: Gravity, Electromagnetism, the Weak Nuclear Forces, and the Strong Nuclear Forces. It is the pull and push--the attraction and repulsion--of these forces upon the strings which causes tension and vibration of the strings, which in turn causes and controls the sometimes bizarre and seemingly contradictory movement and behavior of these atomic and subatomic particles. All this is done through vibrations. The faster the vibration, the subtler the manifestation of matter will appear. The slower the vibration, the more gross the material manifestion will appear. In short, even what appears to be stable Matter is fashioned from indivisible particles of vibrating energy known as Quanta--meaning the essence of what a "physical matter" thing is--an essence called a Primary Quality. A Primary Quality, a bodiless presence, is the "That" of what a thing is--a "That" following Nature's self-shaping for how it is, what it does, and how it grows--the "That's" Being unified with 'what it is doing' by its own nature--the "That" one experiences as reality by its proper quality, content properties, characteristics, traits, features. Since this experience is unnameable and indescribable, it requires Spiritual Mythology language for its understanding. The "That" is a Form of 'frozen energy' vibrating in place.

Hence, any Form seen in the Physical World--as taught in the Ancient Egyptian metaphysical text, Kybalion--has vibrations as the underlying cause of what it is. The source of the "Thing" is, said Ancient Africans, the Cosmic Mind--the Mind which gives rise to the Undifferentiated Potential Possibilities called Chaos within the Cosmic Ocean of Nun. According to the Cosmic Mind's plan, the Nun differentiates into all forms in creation, featuring an Opposite for a given thing. Note: certain African Creation myths give different creation routes for humans. Opposite pairs are positive and negative aspects of Qualities, without which manifestations on the lower planes could not occur. The negative aspects alone imply the absence of the positive, and are therefore illusive (a false 'one-sided coin' concept) since a thing only exists through its opposite nature. That thing and its opposite must arise together--and as complements of a unity (like both sides of a coin). A bond is needed to unite them and cause them to be productive: white cannot be without black; odd cannot be known without even. Opposites are the means by which ones mind creates thoughts as well as the means by which the Cosmic Mind (God) brings into being and sustains Creation. Thus, each creation is composed of two opposite, but complementary forces, which unite together, balance each other, & form a transcendental harmony (Order) that manifests in the human possessing it.


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