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Algebra & Africans' Spiritual Laws (Part F)

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The Subjective Realm's Chaos is the forceful primordial state of undifferentiated universal existence which is ever ready to express itself in the Material Realms. When Chaos is called on to do this, two things happen. First, progressive Evolution means the Spiritual Elements express progressively thicker forms of matter. Second, it establishes Order--which was so important to Ancient Africans that its absence was explained as the Supreme Being's inability to find a place where It could stand in the world. Material World Order begins with Divine Archetypes ("Seeds") coming into Being as pre-figurements of something or someone to come afterwards--each containing a complete and pure complement of the Spiritual Elements. Its specific Genetic combination supplies everything for it to complete its purpose for being. A given Divine Archetype represents some Cosmic Entity, like the Animal Kingdom; or another "Seed" for the Plant Kingdom; or the Truth "Seed". In turn, each Archetype fashions eternal Prototypes (i.e. Form-Ideas) on lesser planes of existence--e.g. the phenomena of Matter or some Form Truth--each having Certainty. To illustrate with the Tree Concept--from the Truth "Seed" evolves Truth Prototype Patterns in a certain Order--likened to Roots, a Trunk/Vines, Branches, Leaves, and Fruit Truths. Its Order is the framing of Laws of Nature or Energy (the Spirit), and having nothing to do with Supernatural authoritative prohibitions or rules of conduct in the way Europeans are accustomed to considering Order. African Spiritual Order is explainable by certain laws known by both Subjective Science --i.e. Observation, Reflection, “Pure” Feelings, Productive Imagination, Contemplation, Inductive and Deductive Inferences, and Common Sense as well as Objective Science (e.g. astro-mathematics). Thus, it is evident that each Prototype gives rise to like-kind things which then branch.

The reason is the Divine Archetype Seed of Truth conforms to the Law of Holonomy (i.e. the whole is inside the Seed; the whole is contained in each of the Seed's manifested parts; and the Seed is found throughout the whole). This Law makes applicable the Law of Spiritual Creativity (by itself, a Spiritual Element reproduces itself to become the thing it makes, regardless of its new form). On an Earth World level it is an ongoing repetition of the nature of the original Thoughts manifesting in compatible behavior. As a result of these Laws, any off-spring branch of a Prototype Truth is like the African Law of (Spiritual) Circularity: the Spiritual offspring is proven by the parent and the Spiritual parent is proven by the Spiritual offspring--simply, the child copies the mother and the mother is the equivalent of the child. To know the essence of one is to know the other--a concept of Algebra, like X = Y. Because the Prototype of the Archetype Tree is present on all planes of Cosmic Existence, the X = Y concept illustrates the Law of Correspondence. African inferences allow for expanding beyond Ancient Africans' abilities to "prove" by direct evidence and yet Circumstantial Evidence was acceptable because all derived out of establishing Truth. So, based on the above laws, what develops within that context and then out of the Spiritual Elements would be part of the Spiritual Laws. In short, there is "Sameness" in every Archetype's offspring. Thus, each Truth + Unconditional Love, Reality, and the Natural, construct all Cosmic Real and Natural things.

Form-Ideas (an African concept plagiarized by Plato) are self-realizable Divine ideas because they are patterns fixed in Nature. These "blueprints" that organize a structured Cosmos exist before anything happens in the Objective Realm, including the Initiation and Manifestation of the Ether. The Idea-Form giver of off-spring and their steadfast bonds internally link all things to which they give rise. Prototypes are made in their image and also display as resemblances of their Archetypes. Idea-Forms + Chaos--X = Y--enabled Ancient Africans to create the “equal sign” + the use of symbols for unknowns (e.g. in algebra) + Inductive and deductive reasoning + abstract Ma'at concepts of “Fairness,” Justice,” etc. + the Principle of Polarity. From this complex process, African Sages inferred metaphorical Beings symbolizing faculties of actual physical entities. Examples: Amon/Amaunet--i.e. hidden/concealed ones (Air/Wind); Nun/Naunet—i.e. Primeval Matter/Space; Huk/Hauket—i.e. Illimitable and the Boundless--Huh/Hauhet—i.e. Darkness/Obscurity.


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