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African Logic (Part 4)

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African Tradition's story of Logic began with the brilliant Common Sense practices of Primitive (the first people) Africans. Out of their Reasoning by Analogy arose African Rational Thinking--later evolving into the world's first scientific method and Ma'at “fair-play” judgments--advances based on African astro-mathematics of c20,000 BC. Very Ancient African priest-astronomers, after developing Geometry (Qualitative Logic) and trigonometry (Quatitative Logic), advanced the abstract forms of Rational Thinking. A key conclusion was the Universe (meaning a One or Uni Verse--i.e. one statement) is a Oneness and its Harmony is established and maintained by Cosmic Laws. By extracting Principles (unchanging realities) out of these Laws, they inferred that only through observing the Laws of the Universe can a human be One with it and with God (Amen, Metu Neter IV: 55). Having previously arrived at the concept of the Eternal Soul of each human consisting of a "Spark" of God, they likened it to a coin. On one side is a Self (the core of a human's "Being")--itself-subdivided into ones Divine Consciousness and ones Divine Will. On the other side is ones Divine Spirit (divided into Spiritual Energy and Matter). Ones Divine Consciousness (ones Soul or inner God's Mind) determines the "What" and the "Why" (i.e. what it is willing) of what the Cosmic God-Mind wants one to manifest. However, it relys on Will to determine How and When. Yet, the Will is merely an indication of a potential act, lacking the energy to carry out what has been willed--needing the Spirit's Energy for that. African Sages used certain extracted Principles from Cosmic Laws to serve as Logical Reasoning vehicles. They inferred the essence of these Principles comprised a given human's divine Self-Image, which then transfers the essence of Cosmic Laws into ones Life-Force to ensure its harmony and vitality--Forces having the ability to successfully manifest in ones Will. So, 'To Will' is to activate ones Divine Conscious. It can be seen from this process that African Logic embraces the abilities to synthsize (think cosmologically)--to see the abstract unity and interdependence between all independent real things--and to establish Truth from mathematically determined Spiritual Principles.  

African Sages realized reasoning contains nothing capable of determining the truth or falsehood of any Premise. That is why something can be "Logical but not necessarily true" (which Europeans apparently do not understand and therefore they do violence to the Spiritual Elments). Thus, African Sages based their foundation of Logical Thinking on Ma'at--the Spiritual Elements in action as a system of thinking. This system serves as a standard, filter, and guide through which the truth or falsehood of a Premise used in reasoning is determined. Since Ma'at is Spiritual, African "Logic" arose out of its "Religion"--both about applying connecting Ma'at Laws/Principles. In African Tradition, "Religion" is based on certain Knowledge--and not faith, belief, or mysticism, which are European inventions in their applications to God. African "Religion's" origin was guided by mathematical and scientific understanding of Cosmic Laws fitting to human behavior and humans' relationship to God. African etymology of "Religion" (re, again, once more + ligion, to tie, unite, yoke--and logic, and the law) implied that on the basis of logic and law there was the reuniting of elements illegitimately separated previously (e.g. Soul from Will). African Religion--the Ma'at system helping humans reunite with God--is a function of a human's Will rejoining and activating ones Divine Conscious.        

For Ancient Africans, the objective of Logic was to arrive at the Truth of Thought by Synthesis. They understood Knowledge as similar to a "Seed" following a process like an apple tree developing from an apple "Seed". Advances in that process are only by staying within and developing out of the Spiritual Elements--while finding how similarities and differences are related for harmonizing and synthesizing. Resultant facts and evidence are positioned on the proper part of the Tree and maneuvered according to the unique Laws where it is operating.  Basic to the subject at hand (e.g. on a given plane of existence in scientific and esoteric realms), Principles were harmoniously fit to form applicable Circumstantial Rational/Logical knowledge. In short, African Logic is Ma'at applied to thinking by means of laws that establish Spiritual Elements' correspondence and connections between Principles for purposes of making Inferences of a Circumstantial Knowledge nature. 


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