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African Laws of Chaos (Part C)

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The importance of the following family of African Laws of Opposites is that they became, and remain to this day, the “Eternal Father-Mother” of many ancient religious systems and the rise of many philosophies. In African Cosmology (the origin or manner of creation, processes, order, laws, and structure of the Cosmos), the Cosmic Creation story began in "The Other World" when metaphorical Waters spilled into the finite Cosmos with its contents of "Chaos". African Chaos refers to a primordial divine Unity, meaning an undivided but transitional Oneness with an eternal duality polarity. It consists of unformed or formlessness--undefined--"non-ordered" (undifferentiated and not disordered) state of Energy/Matter's potential possibilities. Chaos represents primordial space/time said to exist “before Heaven and Earth were born” and even before Involution of the Spirit begins forming and progressing into Evolution. (Note: Europeans' borrowing of these concepts grossly confused this definition of Chaos, making it into "disordered"--a jumble of unformed matter). African Chaos contains the Oneness of origin of dormant Laws of Opposites/Complements. Its raw elements, as undifferentiated mixtures, give rise to 'Beings' coming out of its waters so as to evolve into higher-dimensional spheres. Each Element manifests as opposites. Each appears to be exclusive and separate from others, but all are actually complements to each other. In keeping with God's plan, Chaos (the body of God and ruled by necessity) undergoes conversion into Order. God--the Demiurgos or Creator--makes Order--the foundation of all creative processes--by fashioning Archetypes (or "Seeds"). Each "Seed" embraces a Class of a Like-Kind something in the Cosmos.

Order first appears in the parent deity set of Opposites--the two most universal shaping factors of life-forms directly in charge of the work of creating the physical entities. These are the masculine principle Shu and the feminine principle Tefnut--Chinese for Yang and Yin respectively. At the moment of Chaos' separation, Shu (heat) and Tefnut (water)--together forming Atmosphere--are instantly subject to the Law of Opposites (i.e. the laws governing the Yin/Yang concept). In turn, Shu and Tefnut beget Geb (Earth) and Nut (Sky) and thereby generate the four pairs of opposite principles of African Creation. Simultaneously with these separations, the Cosmic Forces and Cosmic Principles permeate heaven and earth--and when their unity is quartered they constitute the four seasons in which Yin/Yang principles operate. Geb and Nut, by virtue of their separation, cause the space in which life can take place on Earth, starting with the Spiritual Elements in certain Genetic combinations--like a combination lock. Once the Cosmic Mind implants its "Genetic" Divine Archetype "Seed" whose gene combination starts a kingdom of a Thing (e.g. Animals, Plants), Cosmic Energy creates Cosmic Matter to trigger Involution. Intangible flimsy matter then becomes more and more gross—like a snowball rolling down a hill and getting bigger and bigger.

After becoming as gross as it can get, there is a moment’s pause and a reversal starts. Such Cosmic Evolution means that from the most gross forms of Matter evolve forms a little more refined—and so on. Meanwhile these simple elementary forms evolve more complex and intricate combinations--combinations urged ever upward, as is known to be occurring today in "outer space." When Ether fills into the Yin/Yang interactions of Involution/Evolution, out of the infinite "Genetic" combinations emerge varied Life forms whose 'big picture' is called the Cosmic Organism. Each 'Being' formed communicates with every other part by means of Instincts. The unity of all these things by "silver cord" interconnections is due to Shu/Tefnut both possessing God's Spirit as well as their common possession of the Substance of God in the Ether (Chi') inside each.  The Substance (Spiritual Energy, with its "Aliveness" and Creative aspects) contained in the Cosmic Forces of Shu/Tefnut generate constant change in the Cosmic Forces/Principles permeating the Material Realm and which shape all things in it. This metaphorical concept symbolizes the reality that certain Cosmic Forces exist which, despite having an unchanging core, constantly change in their outer nature--shaping all things. In this way the Law of Correspondence operates so that if one really understands one thing on one plane of existence, that gives insight into others.


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