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African Law of Creation Opposites (Part D)

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When, in Cosmic Creation, the unity within African Chaos is divided, the principles inside its new entities are called Laws of Opposites (a pair the Chinese term Yin and Yang). A Yin/Yang relationship--not oppositional or contradictory--is Correlative; is Complementary ('fulfillment to make complete'), displaying its harmonious nature as shining upon each other, covering up each other, and governing each other; and is Cyclic ('moves around like a wheel')--a self-contained, self-operating, successive loop in a continuous line powered by its own inner necessity. Part of its inner necessity is based upon Yin and Yang's unchanging core but changing outer nature--a situation allowing the strength and domination of their roles to change naturally within the Yin/Yang cycle. Shu (Masculine Principle) is represented by fire, air, and heat--corresponding to the "all things and energies" category having qualities of expansiveness. As initiators of activity, what results is rising, active, destructive, energizing, centrifugal forces, positive, outgoing or outward extroversion, electric, and masculine. The polar opposite Tefnut (Feminine Principle) is the category for the introverted, feminine magnetism, yielding, conservative. It is also the inactive basis of formation (e.g. water and earth), moisture and the objective material basis of manifestations corresponding to contraction, downward movement, centripetal forces, negative, receptive, inner, and introspection. During their cycle of ceaseless interplay and transmutation of existence, one opposite is balanced by another. Yet, Yin (Feminine Principle) has the tendency to become stronger and even dominate Yang while Yang (Masculine Principle) becomes weaker. Such is illustrated by the fact that light/shade and warmth/cold must be situated in a continuous spectrum in which the state of being cold and the state of being warm are always relative to one another. Hence, sometimes cold dominates and sometimes warm dominates. Nevertheless, when these aspects are separated, they are reduced to their original Spiritual Elements--and thereby characterized as Principles (an unchanging Reality).

By means of these changing and unchanging Cosmic Force vehicles, all physical things will come into existence, with each containing the Substance of God which gave rise to its parent or Archetype "Seed". These vehicles then ensure the regulation of all the structural and functional components in Objective Realms. An analogy is the way an Apple Seed gives rise to roots, a trunk, branches, leaves, and fruit. An example of a "fruit," on a lower plane of spiritual evolution, remaining connected to the "Seed" (i.e. the essence of the formless and objectless Amenta) is a human's Divine Consciousness (Soul). African Sages said this Soul is from God's 'Spark'--and that "Spark" reflects the "Genetics" of the Cosmic Soul--instilling it with a Pure Divine Consciousness. This pure part of ones Soul attaches to Ether while the rest of the Soul is in relation to the physical body in its attachment to ones "shadow" Astral Body. Regardless of the plane of existence and despite being hidden, the unseen Harmony of the Cosmos--an expression of an incomparable Intelligence--pervades all of Nature and is capable of reconciling opposites. The Soul of humans is part of this ceaseless moving and in its depths are dynamics peculiar to its own unfolding into a divine state. Humans, African Sages added, could not realize their divinity unless they proved they lived by it, following Ma'at Order. Mind, Soul, Matter, and Energy were viewed as interconnected in a kind of “undivided whole in flowing movement” (Bynum, African Unconscious p122)--meaning the Harmony orchestrating the Cosmos/Nature is of the same kind as the regular revolutions of the human Soul.

This state of Wholism consists of both Outer Harmony (Peace with Nature) and Inner Harmony (Fulfillment and Peace)--Harmony having correspondence between Heaven, Earth, and humans as a result of each being tuned onto the same note that produces vibrations in unison (Campbell, Prim. Myth. P454). Ancient Africans added there is interdependence of Spirit and Matter as Opposites and as complementing each other. Together, this designs a higher synthesis of Balance, like human beings. In other words, the Yin/Yang aspects of Humans make them a blended part of Nature and the Universe so as to not be able to tell where one ends and the other begins. On a Spiritual plane, the same principle applies to Love and Compassion.


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