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Cosmos Creation of African Tradition

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Afrocentric Humanity and principles for "Right" living had their origin in the Ancient African Bible's Mythological stories of Cosmic Creation. These stories came out of Ancient African Sages' revelations of different time periods, generating different variations on one theme (central concept). A composite theme is the Amenta Reality (the "Other World"--a Spiritual Reality representing the Immaterial Cosmic Mind). It is the source of finite Cosmic Reality. The "Other World's" Waters and its emanations of the Spiritual Elements (the inner nature of God) entered the finite Cosmos as the Ocean of Nun (Nu or Subjective or Cosmic Hub or Tao by the Chinese). The Spiritual Elements, constituting the "Genetics" present in all real Cosmic things (e.g. Nature), is a synthesized Unity exhibiting the outer nature of God--the Law of Life (i.e. Life is the union of spirit and matter)--initially as unrealized Natural Opposites. In African Philosophy the word  “Subjective” is kin to “submerged, substrata, and substance”—with “sub” meaning all that is under and incapable of being perceived. Thus, it is about “Life” while the Objective Realm is about “Living”—Being vs. Doing. However, “Subjective” in the Western world is a chaotic subject regarding “definition.”  Many Europeans say it is about sensations, ideas, attitudes, feelings, emotions, beliefs, and whatever else exists in a person’s mind as the absence of a measurable presence. This is an example of why those desiring to understand African Tradition philosophy must use absolutely no European concepts or definitions out of any source, including dictionaries. Furthermore, terrible life-shaping concepts were originated by the European Bible extracting Ancient African Bible metaphors and converting them into "Delusional Facts." For example, Water--and at other times mud or clay--were chosen by Ancient African Sages as metaphors for the underlying God Substance of the Cosmos since these have the ability to be shaped into any conceivable form and since all living things have their origin in water (Amen, Metu Neter II:32). Europeans' misinterpretations led to the Cosmic Ceramic Creation myth. It also embraced the Egyptian metaphorical creation deity tradition of Khnum (Egyptian, molder; Divine Potter), working at his potter’s wheel to fashion humans and all living creatures out of clay. Genesis, 2:7 and Isaiah, 64:8 convey to Western people the misconception of a 'made' Cosmos--destroying the African Law of Sympathy concept of humans and God being spiritually related.

Nevetheless, it was revealed to African Sages that the Amenta's metaphorical Waters of Nun are the primordial Life-Force Substance underlying all things in the Cosmos. Primordial means undifferentiated universal existence--present before the beginning of time and space--not caused or created by any circumstance--and out of which Creation began. It is formless, pure, and the very life sustaining essence of Creation. In short, the Nun represents the Image of Prime Matter--i.e. containing all solid body essences before they acquired form/rigidity. Still, it teems with potential possibilities--i.e. unrealized realities capable of involuting (return to the center) into actualization when the future becomes the present in the Material Realm as well as evolving into objects entering the Material Realm. Spiritual Substance in African Tradition consists of God's inner and outer natures and thus is without objects. Those primal waters that spilled into the present finite Cosmos at the beginning of its creation established Order by framing of Laws of Nature or Energy (the Spirit).

These Laws (or Forces) Pervade (i.e. have free movement throughout) the Cosmos so as to allocate to all things its place in time and space for purposes of maintaining Order. Order is essentially dependent on the existence of the interdependence (a type of Oneness) between independent things--a means of safeguarding their mutual dependence without any encroaching upon another. Where a number of independent things are not related into an interdependence, there can be no Order. Though the Subjective Realm is a Cosmic Realm copy of the Cosmic Mind, African Sages said its Spiritual Elements ensure its Certainty, Perfection, and Purity aspects. In using a coin to analogize the Subjective Realm, on one side is its Divine Consciousness and Divine Will; on its other side is an undefined expanse of Energy/Matter, of which a portion can be transformed, shaped, delimited, and differentiated into a myriad of objects manifesting in/as the Objective Realm.


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