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The Black Community School (Part 2)

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Recall having seen a bulletin board Collage (French, to glue) in some public place consisting of a framed 'big picture' whose insides are made by sticking other pictures, clippings, ribbons, bits of colored or handmade papers, portions of other artwork or texts, found objects, onto a surface. It is sort of like a frame of a USA map, within which are representations of the 50 states. All Black Americans are a Cultural Collage--meaning each has various aspects in various proportions of African Philosophy Tradition + diluted/polluted aspects of African Customs' Retentions + African American Slave Survivals + Amerindians inputs +European Satanists Halo aspects + the Oppressor Society 'at large' Trinket's and Trivia mentality + the 'at large' Black Community's reactions to ongoing racism + many aspects of the struggling Black Community + think, feel, expressions, and behaviors which characterize peers, kin, families, neighbors, friends, and perhaps enemies of any sort. These combine to make "Emulsion Minds" (in the way that oil and water do not mix)--minds in great confusion about what to think, feel, say, and do--about who they are--about what is their purpose--about their worth and value. Some are dedicated to "Escapes" from this turmoil; some cling to what they have, no matter how bad, because of falsely believing that is all they have to rely on; some struggle with it in simply getting through the day; some want to improve to varying degrees--like those constituting the Black Community School. Since they have problems determining where and how to begin, we have been discussing separating Black group and individual Collages.

Thus, much discussion (group and one-on-one) at each meeting is about different aspects of the Cultural Collage most prominent in the minds of each member. What is emphasized for all is: Step I--get into a Selfhood state of calmness by being in Nature to absorb and get in tune with its rhythms, for that establishes Inner Order. Wait until all thoughts in ones mind play themselves out until ones mind is at rest. Step II--imagine being on your Death Bed and deciding: "What earned achievements am I proud of or that I wish I had done?" Select out of these "all-stars" your MVP (Most Valuable Product)--and that is not likely to be how much time was spent with Flashing Lights gadgets, or on the cell phone, or watching Television. Step III--That MVP is the focal point for all decisions and solutions--meaning everything outside of Necessities for living--not wants--is what is done towards making the MVP happen. Whatever is not inside that MVP and Necessities Circle can be let go. Step IV is cultivating ones Private and Public Self--like two sides of a coin. The Private Self (a Feminine Principle in each human) contains the Spark of God--ones "Soul Sunshine"--and the home of the Spiritual Elements--hence the orchestrator of ones Selfhood Greatness. This is the most essential thing within ones Selfhood to keep in "tip top" condition. Though humans cannot alter it, each human can place a Cloud over it so as to lose its benefits. That Cloud consists of any thoughts or practices one has that doubts its greatness or even presence + all Emotional Junk (e.g. hate, revenge, keeping others 'down'). The "Cure" for mental turmoil is to simply remove the Cloud and one will naturally know ones Mission in life and what is required to "Be Right," "Recognize Right," "Do Right," "Make Things Right," & "Defend the Right". In short, it is getting rid of Clouds.

Step V--the Private Self's philosophy of life (POL) is what paves the way to and sets up the frame for cultivating ones Public Self. Being a Masculine Principle (in all humans), it requires work to decide where one is in life; where one is going (to the MVP destination); how one is to get there; and what one will do once one gets there. In the USA, the Afrocentric ought to always internalize a POL based upon African Tradition but it is essential to know how to play the Euro-American "Marketplace Game" so as to be skilled in offense and defense. It is crucial to never be part of "the Game" and to never become dishonorable--even though almost all other players are. By so doing, an elevated way of thinking for how to thrive is laid out. The evening concluded with the members giving me a surprise birthday party (July 22) and gifts (some being from strangers). David, my landscaper, took time off from another job to come. This was shared with Jacquetta Green but I told her she had to get another birthday!  Many warmed my "Heart" by their actions in helping the community.


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