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Afrocentric Father/Family Bonding (Part 7)

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Bonding can be likened to a "Trademark," for both are distinguishing designs to indicate the maker and the maker's message. Just as manufacturers stamp their products to indicate they are registered to protect imitation violators of their goods--who sell them under the pretense of them being the original product, so are Shape/Patterns of the Spiritual Elements stamped on the Soul of every human newborn. Each Shape had its unique Pattern--both possessing the vibration rate, nature, and power compatible with the highest of all vibration rates, nature, and power of the Parent Spiritual Elements. All of these are destined to follow that new human for life. By being Spiritual, each is permanent, stationary, unchanging, and Certain--above and beyond the ability of any in-put by any human to alter even an atom of its composition, or a ray of its "Soul Sunshine." Yet, its human owner can place a Cloud (usually of Emotional Junk) over its "Soul Sunshine" and thereby lose all of its gifts--a loss instantly reversible by it owner wiping away the Cloud. Nevertheless, that Shape, its Pattern, its nature, its power, and its vibration rate exhibit the African Law of Spiritual Creativity: by itself, any given Spiritual Element reproduces itself to become the thing it makes, regardless of its new form. The military expression: "the shape of the field determines the winner" applies to the "Trademark" Shape of each Spiritual Element to win over any of its opposition.

One of those Spiritual Elements' "Trademarks" is Spiritual Bonding. It contains the African features of Compassion--the sharing of the same Spiritual Space so that the Spirits of the involved are united in a "Group Spirit" or a "Group Mind." In a parent-child Spiritual Bonding one naturally feels the same things the other feels--the parent reacting as if what is happening to the child is actually happening inside the parent. If there is enjoyment, or pain and misery, in the child, so is it to the same degree in the parent. For the child to have a sense of this in the father is Step I, the establishment of a Spiritual Trust Bond. That is what gives the father the ability to detect the child's special genius in "Pearl Genes" and fashion the key which will "unlock" the vault for their release. As a result, Step II, the child has a new awareness of the reality of what benefits developing his/her Talent could bring personally and to others--an awareness generating life-shaping inner meanings--an awareness which rearranges and recombines things inside the child's Selfhood that either puts the child on the Spiritual Elements path, or helps the child proceed down it at a faster pace. Be clear: African Compassion is not the same as the European Secular counterparts--"Sympathy" (Greek, suffering together) or Empathy (in feeling)--for both are under a human's control.

Step III is for the father to develop the child's featured "Pearl" Gene--either from his tutoring and/or with the help of the very best experts. The Cosmic Intelligence within ones Soul--also called ones Divine Consciousness--is the "blue print" for how ones Talent Genes are customized into ones specific Genetic Combination. That combination imparts a Spiritual Disposition, featuring what to select out of the Spiritual Elements to cultivate by "Aliveness" Spiritual Energy--not the Emotional Energy of excitement (see Bailey, Private Selfhood Greatness for elaboration). Step IV is helping to guide the child into how, what, when, where, why, and which aspect that "Pearl" Gene can be made into a Masterpiece. Step V is deciding if the youth will go with the crowd or alone or with somebody. But as the youth develops there will be experiences resembling electronic devices powered by storage cells. When the device's batteries "run down" from being changed chemically, they can be "re-charged" by passing a direct-current through the battery. Similarly, a child gets "run-down" from such things as being overwhelmed. This "run-down" state is handled by father's demonstration of Caring. When a child appreciates he/she is Cared for, that pumping up of the child's "Heart" prevents resistance to the child's build-up of any "give-up" thoughts. Caring was taught to me as a boy by Black People saying, "we are in this together"; succeed for your race"; If you don't do it, nobody else will"; "we're all enough, we're all we got." In a child's mind, none of this is about providing money or material things but rather giving practical life-skills to match the child's Talent. There can be no substitutes for Spiritual Bonding and Spiritual Trust. www.jabaileymd.com

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