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Mind Control by Confusion (1/3)

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The Yoruba/Nigeria story about the god Èṣù, Eshu concerns two inseparable friends who swore undying fidelity to one another--but neglected to acknowledge the god Eshu. Since these two friends worked on adjacent fields, one day Eshu walked on the dividing line between their fields, wearing a cap, black on one side and red on the other. He sauntered between the fields, exchanging pleasantries with both men. Afterwards, the two friends got to talking about the man with the cap, and fell to violent quarreling about the color of the man's hat, calling each other blind and crazy. The neighbors gathered about, and then Eshu arrived and stopped the fight. After the friends explained their disagreement, Eshu showed them the two-sided hat to explain the confusion. Confusion is a state in which the mental faculties are thrown into chaos so that the clear and distinct action of the different powers--as of perception, memory, reason, and will--is lost. Brutes create confusion so as to establish conditions that allow for transforming Black People from Spiritual Certainty into Brutes' Supernatural home of Doubt. For that to be effective there must obviously be flexibility in these Satanists' favor. To these ends they fashion a double-standard of: “don’t do as I do, do as I say” using the process of "I will tear you down in order to help me build myself up"--a process I saw clearly demonstrated every day in the legal aspect of my medical practice.

The C14 English word "Confuse" (mix together; fail to distinguish) meant to defeat, frustrate; throw into disorder; and bewilder so as to stir up so much disharmony, fear, and difficulty as to cause Illusions (seeing what is not there and not seeing what is there); Delusions (believing what is not real and not believing what is real); and misinterpretations as to prevent one from no longer being sure of anything they previously thought they knew. It appears, thanks mainly to its bewildered or flustered forms, when all except an essential part are present; when the obvious and/or the foundation are overlooked; when a part is suppressed or covered; when present but in a disguised form; or when one is blind to the obvious. It obscures the past, perplexes the present, and beclouds the future so as to make a collage of them. This confusion displays as a paradox or is "impossible" to solve. All of this may be done out of ignorance, out of evilness by Brutes, or from both, as when Brutes judge and make false statements about knowledge out of range of their tiny intelligence. The payload for inconsistencies Brutes create relate to power, its source, and its control. Confusion filled with ridiculous contradictions is so frustrating as to prevent one from knowing where to start unraveling the mess, causing victims to say: "I don't want to think about it" or the resultant sense of overwhelming confusion and despair ease one into looking for guidance from anyone/Brutes.

Instituting Confusion may be by Bad Information instilled by the "SEEMS" right method to thereby convert all scientific truth into falsehood. Since Brutes are unable to think on Metaphysical planes, their "Facts" can obscure the Truth. Second is Brutes' control of the people's Religions by converting all Spiritual Certainty and all Ancient African Bible Metaphors about it into Faith/Beliefs. In this way they control all aspects of Faith/Beliefs to make their distortions look as if theirs is the only possible truths. Thus, people veer away from the real "Truth-Track." Satanists want victims' "Faith and Belief" to be done without questioning anything about it. Third is presenting façades of being intelligent, using pseudo-intellectual mumbo jumbo--associated with meaningless incantations and deceitful advertizing. For ignorant people, its intent is to remain standing as the tallest opponent in this competition. Brutes' add the philosophical/psychological destruction of victims' minds--perhaps with intimidation--to let it be clear who has the power and to ensure the absence of victims' "5Ss" (safety, security, sureness, strength, and stability). Fourth, confusion is created about vital things people already know or ought to know. Brutes use inuendos to shift people's attention to "what if that bad thing they said is true?" Or, Brutes bide their time for the right moment and insert an unknown entity--an evil but attractive 'angel.' Then, having no clue as to its scope, nature, or how to deal with it, people can reject it, doubt it, or accept it based on being told about it.


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