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Afrocentric Father/Family Bonding (Part 4)

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Just as each wave is unique in the ocean but containing the same "Genetics," so are ones Talents unique and are designed to help the entire Cosmic Organism. Genes ('producers' of a kind) are specific carriers of any hereditary factor, possessing a specific sequence of amino acids. These factors, present in ones chromosomes, carry ones Talent's hereditary characteristics. To liken a Talent to a wave in the ocean means it has all the "Genes" contained in the ocean but, because of its uniqueness, it has a customized Genetic Combination. An analogy is a Combination Lock in which the arranging of the internal parts in their proper positions is done from the outside by merely using numbers or letters in their right order. These numbers show on a disc which is usually marked from 1 to 100. In this case the only key is a secret--the right figures and the order in which they are to be used. Where letters are used the lock may be set to open only when a particular word is spelled. A customized Genetic Combination, instead of numbers or letters, has selected "genes" out of the entire ocean pool placed in the right order. However, all of the "genes" that go into making up ones Talent are in different stages of development. Defective ones are Brute Genes, described by Ancient Africans as the god Set. Stage A. Activated Sunshine Genes are ones existing 'seeable' Private/Public Self parts expressed en-utero and at birth. Still some gene expressions change as one matures.

Stage B. Congenital Tarda Genes--a term I created while taking medical Genetics at Johns Hopkins--are like just beginning budding flowers out of a stem. "Tarda" means Unrealized Realities of genes present before birth but which are naturally destined to be realized at some 'later' time after birth. An example is those responsible for puberty and yet they do not fully mature and express themselves until puberty arrives. Elaboration by "The Plant Bud on a Stick" Concept: During boyhood days a major pleasure in my life was planting vegetables and flowers around the neighborhood. Sometimes Kenneth, who lived four doors down the hill, would come around and "agitate," as good male friends do. "Agitate" is a Southern slang word hard to define but includes poking fun at whatever someone is seriously doing--the stirring up of trouble in a funny way.

Kenneth, knowing that the gardenia--my favorite flower--was not grown in our area, asked: "So, why don't you have gardenia bushes? I'll bet you don't know how to grow them!" Obviously, this was a "guy thing" challenge. Thus, I had no choice but to bet him I could. Although I had dug myself into a hole, so to speak, the issue of time, fortunately, did not come up. I went to Sears Department Store, researched which places in the United States had a climate like Greensboro, North Carolina where gardenias grew, and then sent off for one of their plants. Meanwhile, I made a big hole in my front yard; filled it with rich soil from the wooded vacant lot across the street; and mixed the soil with manure from a neighbor's horses. After the plant's arrival, I confidently placed my new gardenia bush in the middle of this big hole and covered the roots with the enriched soil. Of course, I watered and cultivated it at proper intervals. Soon the leaves of the plant dropped off--and over the remaining months there was absolutely no sign of life. Kenneth seized every opportunity to come and make fun of "the stick," as he called it. He even brought friends to laugh at it...always in my presence. This same scenario continued the following year. Yet, in spite of the teasing and despite Kenneth's demands for me to "pay up" the bet, I continued my intense plant "TLC" (tender, loving care). Lo and behold, in the spring of the third year, an amazing thing happened. Some tiny little buds peeked out of the "stick." From there it went on to produce an abundance of sweet fragrant gardenias year after year. I really enjoyed collecting the bet and coming down hard on Kenneth in front of all the guys who had laughed at me. Furthermore, I was able to plant off-spring bushes around the neighborhood, including Kenneth's home--just for spite! The point is that the importance of the parent's role with respect to the child's Tarda "Unrealized Reality Genes" is that if parents have built a sound Spiritual Elements Base and designed a compatible bonding Foundation with the child from birth to the present, then they will naturally be the guidelines of harmony as the Tarda Genes are undergoing budding and flowering.


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