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The Black Community School (Part 1)

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Local community Black People have taken the initiative to start the dawn of their own healing by gathering every Tuesday at Mr. William Walker's 777 Community Warehouse (777 S. Allen St. San Bernardino, Ca.--909-5675824). Discussions include their own and the community's Spiritual Private Selfhood cultivation as well as a possible Life-Skills Academy for youth. In keeping with Ancient Africans saying the first thing to do in the midst of chaos is to put it in order, our first topic was on the "home" of all of us--the Cosmic Organism created by the Spiritual Elements-- Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural--in the form of the Ocean of Nun which flows out of the God's Mind. The Cosmic Organism, being orchestrated by the intelligence of the Cosmic Mind, models how we can live harmoniously within ourselves, with each other, and with Nature. Because all of God's creatures and creations are bonded to each other, each receives communications from the Cosmic Mind by means of Instincts--known to each individual as Feelings (not emotions). Besides, the Cosmic Organism provides every human newborn with a Spiritual Entourage for protection, support, and help in selecting the Right Standards, Filters, and Guides for decisions, directions, and problem solving. The Selfhood Greatness of each human is from being composed of these same Spiritual Elements--the sources for all we need for our well-being. A human's assigned task is to live within the Spiritual Elements and cultivate a Tree Concept lifestyle--"Roots, Trunk/Vines, Branches, Leaves, and Fruit"--out of each of their "Seeds". For example, a "Root" is ones Mission purposed to benefit a piece of the Cosmic Organism. The "Trunk" is about getting 'better and better every day, in every way.' A "Fruit" is to have a deliciously thriving life.

It is to these ends that each human develops her/his Private Self in preparation to carry out his/her Public Self dealings and assigned Mission. However, each human has the Free Will to choose to do all, some, or none of this. Yet, said Ancient Africans, before one can return to ones original Creator, ones Soul must have the same vibration rate as the Creator. That vibration rate is generated by those whose lifestyles conform to Ma'at Principles (the Spiritual Elements in action)--as were modeled by Ancient African Sages. Their resultant Thought contents constitute "Thought Clouds" located in the Spiritual Realm's Sublime part--a part accessible to the human mind. Those "Thought Clouds" still convey messages to all Black People--anywhere and in any time period. But the "catch" is one must be open to receive them--in the same manner one must invite ones birth assigned Spiritual Entourage to enter ones life as family members. Each of these--the Entourage, the Cosmic Organism, ones own Soul, and the Thought Clouds--are Sources which indicate one is not alone in following the path of "Right" toward's ones Mission. Making life-shaping and life-changing decisions/solutions is enhanced by having a calm and Free Mind (one rid of all Emotional Junk); by being in Nature to bathe in its rhythms; and by taking the position that all of ones progress is not only to strive towards ones Highest (divinity) Self but also to lift others while climbing.

It is fundamental to have clarity about the nature of each Spiritual Element. None can be defined because they are boundless but each can be known by its manifestations. My Metaphysical Definition is: Unconditional Love is about persisting through losses, lacks, and obstacles--even walking alone--while paying a high price (money, time, energy, effort + by-passing pleasures, convenience, or respect) in order to provide Selfless Service. Unconditional Love is to be the Base of any Thought Structure because "We are all One." Real is the "What it is" of a God-made Thing (i.e. some form of the Spiritual Elements) when it came into existence and took on a Shape. The Natural is what that Real Thing does in its essence state--before anything is added to it--and vibrating at the rate of Unconditional Love. What is Real and Natural--whether in Nature or in humans--has no limitations, prohibitions, or rules of conduct because it (among other things) lacks boundaries and is infinite. Truth is what designates a Real (i.e. God-Made) Thing within the context of the Spiritual Elements. The first requirement for the Black Community School is that each member must do, as a way of life, something to improve the Black Community. Second: "Buddy" with and help lift some Black person who is "lost."


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