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Afrocentric Father/Family Bonding (Part 5)

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Whereas mother and her baby share a common Spiritual space, fathers must intuit this same reality by looking within their Souls to discover direct, immediate, and true knowledge--i.e. that which is above and beyond Thought. Intuition, an immediate awareness of Metaphysical Knowledge is deemed Truth when unassociated with reason or testing. This source of Spiritual Knowing is from the spark of God within every human's soul, called ones Intuitive faculties. It contains, at birth, all Truths present in the Cosmos and their potential possibilities. Inituiting is simple Vision to which Truth offers itself like a landscape to the eye. The "what it is"--the essence--of each Truth, by itself expresses its true self in a manner that displays its true nature by merely being what it is. When that display is recognized, and without any associated thing making it go, and without being altered, it constitutes a Vision--the art of seeing invisible essences others are unable to see.  Intuiting is present when one can see similarities in the dissimilar and discern uniquenesses in similarities. A father who has developed the skill of intuiting is able to envision merits in various stages of development in his child that others do not and cannot see. The ultimate is for the father to discern his child's Potential Possibility Genes--i.e. "Unrealized Reality Genes"--and that comes from his Vision. Every child contains stores of many Potential "Pearl" Genes locked in unrealized Realities awaiting being unlocked so as to appear in the present (the "Now" if one so desires). The child's "Pearl" Gene is that child's Talent and it needs to be made into a masterpiece. However, the "Unlocking" requires work for them to be released and activiated into evolving within the realm of the Spiritual Elements. Anything outside that is Dishonorable. It is here that the Father can have his greatest impact on his children by detection of the child's special genius or tutoring by himself and/or by others.

The only way fathers can come to these realizations is to start with a Calm Mind--and a mind can only be calm if it is a Free Mind--the experience of Hetep. Such Peace is to be a way of life--and not striving for excitement. A reason for studying Ancient African History is to discover methods for how to do Visions. For example, from their brilliant research with astro-mathematics to arrive at certain Metaphysical and Physical Knowledge, Ancient African Sages inferred general principles from particular Cosmic Order facts to fashion applications for daily living. These opened paths inside the Celestial Order--a transferrable skill for opening a Vision into Potential "Pearl" Genes locked in unrealized Realities. Once released, the way these "Pearls" are cultivated is by applying the principles of "The Plant Bud on a Stick" Concept. Such cultivation requires an up-dated attitude. Robin Roberts tells the story of the grub inside a cocoon having reached the hour of it to awaken and emerge. It had made a tiny opening when a passer-by thought it would be a kind gesture to enlarge the opening. But when the new butterfly came out, it was too weak to fly. The reason is it needed to beat its wings against the inner walls of the cocoon so as to slowly force it apart from within. That is done to strengthen its wings sufficiently to be able to fly, once in the outside world.

Ancient African Mythology makes many references to the creation of the Cosmos with the appearance of an Egg as, for example, out of a Cosmic Egg proceeded the deity Phtha or Ptah--the creative power and 'father god.' Within this Egg, which also resides in each human's Soul, is the Spiritual Elements' Circle of Wholism features of: Selfhood Greatness, Certainty, Courage, Curiosity, Creativity, and Integrity. They used the metaphorical Egg because its integrity means it has no cracks or weak spots. They defined Integrity as being complete (i.e. having all its parts, being fully developed and carried to its fulfillment), whole in all aspects and throughout, healthy, natural, flawless, not divided against itself; strong against opposing forces, Incorruptible (not subject to moral decay) and Irreproachable (free from blame) in responsibility. This is what fathers are to aspire to within themselves and establish within their children. These aspirations embrace being prepared to resist and defend against "Egg Crackers"--ignorant people and Brutes. Striving for Perfection brings out the best in anyone and imparts pride in a hard earned acheivement. So, why be "normal" or mediocre? Why  not strive for Perfection in oneself and in guiding ones family? jabaileymd.com

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