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Black Students Counter-Acting Confusion (3/3)

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The spotlighted use of "Counteract" upon entering English in 1678 was for enslavers to make the Enslaved confused--to intentionally render their African Tradition Certainties into ineffectual beliefs, faith, thoughts, and practices. Compounding slavery laws against teaching the Enslaved to read, write, or count was the deliberate creation of Vocabulary Deprivation to about 100 words. The captors realized that keeping the Enslaved ignorant and "killing their spirits" were powerful "divide and conquer" methods. Subsequent Euro-Americans, to the present, followed this lead. Horace Mann (1796-1859) was an important American education fashioner of today's USA educational system. Meanwhile, Whites' educational programs catered to the capitalistic elite so as to enable them to extend their riches; secure all valuable property; and maintain an impenetrable upper class. The idea is, by way of educational programs, for their youthful elite to remain emotionally excited about Material Possessions--acquiring them by any means necessary. Never allowing Black Americans in on these teachings has been a powerful ongoing source of confusion--adversely affecting their negotiatations in the marketplace. Also, starting during slavery was the Satanists' practices of Devious Euphemisms, subtly adversely detrimental to Black students' struggles in the grossly inferior Euro-American educational system. For example, Satanists applied terms like ‘slave master’ and ‘slave owner’ so as to assert authority and status--while avoiding the accurate phrase ‘slaver’ in order not to be viewed as personally and professionally implicated by their immoral and sadistic actions.

Continued Devious Euphemisms (among others) keep Black students from being on "the same page" in understanding meanings of concepts destined to be present on the examinations + not being able to get on track with the "White-in-group" meanings of words + their branches into all areas of life. These have the effect of compounding purposely generated Confusion. I know this by comparing education presentations in my all-Black grade schools and at Morehouse College (Atlanta, Ga.)--both being infinitely better than any European teachings (e.g. the University of Michigan) which specialized in confusing "big words" (now known to be facades) + the boring European teaching + the non-pertinence of European subjects to my life. Such was so confusing and non-truthful that I flunked my senior year in high school. After that, I learned enough to pass European school tests and then pursue the Truth and what is meaningful in life using Ancient African Principles. Unfortunately, Black students get overwhelmed by all this confusion and that causes many to fail to recognize there is a problem with being on the "wrong" track of European ways. Others wrongly accept what "Seems" right as close enough to the truth for them to proceed on a path leading into increasing confusion. Despite being aware they are not taught the truth, they cling to the best of the presented doubtful. "Picking and choosing" as one goes along will only complicate an already difficult course in discerning good/evil. I am unaware of any European school system bothering to discover "right" ways to teach Black youth and those I have mentioned it to have not been interested. The best way to get over all of this confusion for Black students is for high level Black scholars to take control and be in charge of Black students' education.

Common Sense confusion is cleared by having clarity about what is Important and Necessary and then discovering Certainty about it--or coming as close as possible. Ancient Africans said Absolute Spiritual Certainty refers to an essence state of Being of any God-made "Thing"--and it always contains Spiritual Elements. These have no degrees and are not subject to human opinions. Their power is in providing the "5Ss" (safety, security, self-confidence, strength, and stability)--what all human's seek. The highest form of Spiritual Certainty conceivable by the human mind is called Knowledge. Anything less is Information. Defining key terms using only Afrocentric dictionaries is the only way to untangle confusion about Afrocentric life-shaping and life-changing words. To untangle the Cultural Collage confusion, one must separate the useful from the bad information one has absorbed out of both White and Black cultures. Also, special attention to detail is needed to avoid baffling decisions that do not make sense and that lead to self-defeating solutions.


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