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Ancient Africans' Teaching Principles

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Ancient Africans taught students Certainty that branched like a "Tree Seed " into Roots, Trunk/Vine, Branches, Leaves, and Fruit Principles. Its 'sap' is Spiritual Energy which powers vibrations of Spiritual Elements to make Patterns of what is "Right" inside an Internal Unity/Harmony Balance Scale. Patterned vibrations conforming to Math have internal linkages of Order, Truth Regularity, Peace, Fellowship, Justice, Righteousness, Straightness, Coherence, Consistency, Compatibility, Balance, Harmony, and Predictability. When any of these are absent, or if even one is flawed, there is Disharmony. "Tree" Principles (unchanging realities)--by being objective, universal, impersonal, and invariable--are verified from observation + by experiences of living with them. Such Convections (things carried together) enable more insights into each evolving Tree part. This + Sages' (of all ages and in all cultures) agreement makes them Circumstantial Truths. Usages from Convection Truths include maneuverings and manipulations to get explanations for everyday things--like aspects of Ecology (organisms and their environment being like two sides of a coin) into various subsciences (e.g. Physics, Engineering, Electronics). Math Tools of Exact Sciences reduce Nature problems to determinations of quantities by operations with numbers. Physics discovers patterns which control observable phenomena. When words are added to conform to mathematics, African Philosophy results. To put this in reverse, Philosophy cannot be understood unless one understands the language of Math and also interprets the characters in which it is written (e.g. triangles, circles).

Though Math has a supreme cold and austere beauty--like sculpture--it is most beautiful and its regularity makes it the most useful for providing excellent qualitative and quantitative results. Math cultivates Reason by giving grasp and power to the mind and prepares one for a state of Certainty. That climb toward Certainty is steep and filled with obstacles. But once at the top, it more than makes up for all the trouble of getting there. It opens a fine, clear, and extensive viewing of different angles of the same thing, as one does by looking at all sides and angles of a match box. As a result, one has available the highest scope/depth of imagination and creativity. From African Sages concluding Cosmic harmony displays in Form and Number, they inferred the conversion of the human "Heart" + Soul + all parts of Nature into natural philosophy + Truth + stern Perfection (the clearest display of beauty and the ultimate justification for Being)--each embedded in Math. By connecting the Unseen with the Seen Reality, African Principles explain the nature/interaction of forces and essences influencing humans' lives in thought, emotions, expressions, actions, and destiny. This is why Ancient Africans taught that before any creative Cosmic act occurred, Ma'at (Spiritual Elements in action) was established as the foundation upon which the Cosmos rests. Such Certainty--not information, beliefs, or faith--is what guides ones "Right" decisions in all Spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and moral aspects of life--thus enabling Selfhood wholistic success. The observance of these Principles leads one to live in harmony with all God's creatures and creations--thereby gaining access to the Cosmic Intelligence and Spiritual Power. That will place one inside and keep one on the path of the Spiritual Elements so as to thereby gain all one needs to have a Happy Life. African Principles do not appeal to belief, faith, or comprehension through some, as yet unmanifested "higher spiritual" faculty or Supernatural Contingent Being (an imagined entity).

Instead, they appeal to human's reasoning power and common experience. One Principle is that Spiritual Things are of an " all-or-none" nature. An example is that a mother's pregnancy is a Spiritual Event, as evidenced by her inability to be "a little bit pregnant." When Math Philosophy is applied to life, what supersedes any goal it has is the things (e.g. novelities, insights, situations, refinements) met with by taking that way as well as along its way. Example: studying Ancient African philosophy has refined the "Sankofa Skeleton" instilled within me as a boy. I learned to stay in rhythm with Cosmic Vibrations by going "straight ahead"; by avoiding clinging to anything; by not withdrawing from tasks of making things better; and subtly helping my enemies. Hence, I continue to improve in awareness, decision making, and handling complex problems.


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