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Afrocentric Father/Family Bonding (Part 3)

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To be in the harmonious flow of Cosmic Wholism requires an awareness of the Cosmic Organism because it is the model for rearing oneself/children. Its "home" is in a state of serenity or peace, called Hetep (carried from Africa into India under the name Nirvana). For this reason, when Ancient Africans invented Martial Arts in 10,000 BC, one of its features was to achieve and maintain a Selfhood state of Hetep--a Free Mind, in a state of "Aliveness"--manifested by being consistently peaceful in the face of life's greatest difficulties. So, if a Martial Artist would be surrounded by enemies, he would know to strike first the one who initiated disharmony in his peace sphere, even if that enemy could not be seen. Black Sons and daughters need to be grounded in peacefulness--in a resting state + in offenses/defenses concerning life's problems--so as to prevent the Slave Survival Brain State of "Fight, Fright, Flight" from dominating these youth's mental activities. This brain state, characterizing the mindsets of the Enslaved, came from the Satanistic sadism of the European captors--a mindset culturally transmitted out of slavery and maintained by ongoing Euro-American terrorism--a mindset spurred by today's concealed, masked, tempered, and overt forms of institutional racism + Right Wing Republicans + the legal and court system + + +. Black females need to maintain Hetep, particularly during pregnancy, for the hormones of the "Fight, Fright, Flight" brain's emotionalism adversely affect their fetuses (see Fragile Baby Syndrome in Bailey, Private Selfhood Greatness). To teach children that Hetep is the place to go whenever one is overwhelmed is a lifeskill that promotes parental/child bonding.

A second lifelong bonding lifeskill is for children to realize, and for fathers to teach, that every human is born with all the ingredients needed to have a prosperous life. Those ingredients are what constitute every child's SELFHOOD GREATNESS. Three of its "Genetics" ingredients brought into the newborn from the Spiritual Realm are: First, the drop of God in ones Soul--and all of God is in that drop. That drop is also in all God's creatures and creations which thereby means all are linked together by Instincts. The input from this Cosmic Organism, orchestrated by the Cosmic Mind, provides messages for the Right course of living. It simultaneously imparts the "5Ss"--enabling one to know for sure that one is greater than the worst of ones trials and tribulations. Those "5Ss" are: 1. SAFETY--a sense of being protected by something strong enough to survive any opposing forces; 2. SECURITY--the actuality of all ones needs being cared for--whether to get what one desires or to not get what one does not desire; 3. SURENESS--Self-Confidence so empowering as to be associated with Courage within a sense of personal control; 4. STRENGTH--resistance to, if not prevention of, unwanted change + the ability to bring about desired change to the greatest reasonably possible degree; 5. STABILITY--just short of being permanently fixed, in the way a spinning top is tilted from being knocked off course but then returns to its normal upright position.

Second is the "Genetics" of our super-brilliant Ancient African Ancestors. They also supplied us with "Thought Clouds" from which we, if "tuned-in" to its vibrations, can extract ways to the path supplying Sankofa Principles; proper application of Sankofa Methods; and techniques for creating, enhancing, and maintaining harmony. Third, ones unique birth Talent is programmed to improve a piece of the world. Inside ones Talent are "Potential Possibilities" that, with the parent's help, can be fashioned into a Talent masterpiece. The essential point is these three "Genetics" must be cultivated.

To summarize, after bonding, the Triad of the Afrocentric Fathers' role in parenting--of course with the help of the mother and other family members for the benefit of all--is: First, ensure each child maintains Selfhood Greatness within her/his Private (and Public) Self. All concepts pertaining to this must be of an Ancient African Philosophy nature and with total disregard of Europeans' outrageous self-assigned and unjustified concepts of "superiority." Second, teach children to maintain Hetep--a state of mental, physical, and Spiritual peace--by staying within the confines of Hetep's Certainty. The Hetep of the Cosmic Organism is to be discovered within each child's Soul. Third is the cultivation of lifeskills--those customized to that child's particular Talent (the 'bull's eye' of an Archery Pad) + all the lifeskills that embrace each circle and ringed space surrounding the 'bull's eye.'


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