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Afrocentric Father/Family Bonding (Part 2)

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As the keynote speaker at the Father's Day celebration, I said my presentation comments would underlie everything occurring at this event so as to illustrate how African knowledge bonded over the millennia. Primitive (the first people) Africans' bonding way of teaching their children was by Affect Symbolic Imagery, as will be used here. Perhaps African Tradition began with the duty of all fathers to Provide, Protect, and Produce while exercising temperance (the sense of appropriate self-restraint). Those staying within these guidelines were followed beyond the family surroundings to thereby become role “models” and honored elders. Two of their features then (and now) are first, handling problems potentially disruptive to the family. Second, fathers would "snuff-out" potential family problem. Yet, since those problems never happened, the family, by being unaware of them, never show the father any appreciation for happenings they did not know about. To thank those engaged in such normally thankless tasks and to convey just how valuable men are to their families, I had the fathers stand to receive applause. Then I reminded everyone about the wonders and beauty of the "big picture" of the Cosmos--indicating, as Ancient Africans said, that all God's creatures and creations of the Cosmic Organism are connected--each like a string in a fishnet--each bonded at connecting links, called Instincts--each helping all others. This is a model for the human family. Inside the bonding links, like blood being pumped out of the heart to go into every aspect of the human body or like the sap moving throughout a tree, there is a vigorous flow of the Spiritual Elements--Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural--the products of God's Mind. Imagine a Fishnet symbolizing the 'Genetic Sameness' of the entire Cosmic Organism. Also imagine the relative positions of the components of the Cosmic Organism on an Archery Pad as follows: the 'bull's eye' symbolizes the Cosmic Intelligence; the adjacent ring symbolizes God's creatures; and the second ring out, God's creations. The Spiritual Elements provide the "5Ss" (safety, security, self-confidence, strength, and stability)--the fundamentals all humans crave. Disassociating from the Cosmic Organism accounts for self-absorption and foolish living, while opposing it is Satanism.

This Cosmic Organism model, while staying connected to itself, is present in every human's Soul, being different only by its Instincts accommodating to a given human's "Cultural Memory." But because the Spiritual Elements--each inside the other--are beyond the human mind's capabilities to understand its depth and scope, humans can only know them by their manifestations. Two such manifestations are Spiritual Appreciation (of whatever displays out of ones Soul) and Spiritual Caring about what it takes to create, enhance, maintain, or defend any aspect of the Cosmic Organism/oneself. Spiritual Courage--not the same as Europeans' warrior Courage--is what it takes to manifest any and all aspects of the Spiritual Elements--as a way of life--in the face of losses, lacks, or obstructions--and despite taking on a disadvantage or giving up an advantage to do what enhances the Cosmic Organism. Hence, Courage is the supreme virtue because it is required for any other virtue to manifest and persist. What spurs Courage is that it is simply the "Right" thing to do. Since this model is all there is in existence and since its features are already inside the human Soul, every human is born with the ultimate in Selfhood Greatness. It is the primary job of fathers (and mothers) to keep the sunshine of Selfhood Greatness un-occluded in any degree. What forms a "cloud" is ones bad reactions to problems of daily living stemming from looking anywhere but within ones Soul for answers on "How shall I live?" Honoring people's or authorities opinions over ones intuiting from ones own Soul or idolizing the Material over the Spiritual are guaranteed "cloud" formers.

Ancient Africans called the Spiritual Elements that flowed out of God's Mind the Ocean of Nun. In it is contained the "Potential Possibilities" for anything required for each individual to have a wonderful life, including "Enough" of all that is needed to Thrive. Each human is a "wave" in that ocean--meaning all share the same 'Genetics' but each "wave" has its own uniqueness, which I call ones Talent. That Talent "wave" has the same wonderfulness of its parent Cosmic Organism--an example of the African Law of Correspondence.


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