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Love and Evil Are Not Opposites

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Coming in with Enslaved Africans and persisting among most Enslaved and post-slavery African Americans were 'second nature' family and social bonding practices. I can attest to how fulfilling they were to my Spiritual Human Nature Needs and of those who experienced them. But after Black Americans had a glimpse of freedom in the 1960s Black Power Movements, these family and social bonding practices started disintegrating. A major reason was that many Black Americans started emulating the "Individualism" ways of Euro-Americans. Though stopping short of not caring at all, many adopted the stance of "your problem is not my problem." Despite persisting concern for fellow Blacks, it is often clouded by "I'm too busy now--I'll get around to it later"--and later never comes. Hence, Black Americans are losing African Tradition treasures, like having good relations with and good behaviors towards fellow Blacks--and without gaining any of the advantages of Euro-Americans' undeserved privileges. This is largely attributed to the subtle unbinding of established bonds by what "SEEMS" okay--i.e. to be increasingly concerned about oneself and let others take care of themselves. Two prominent subtle unbinders of African Tradition are first Europeans' concept that Love is the opposite of Hate. Second,“Original Sin” or “Natural Depravity” (Rom. 5) is based upon their belief in the sin of the supposed Adam. Many European religious leaders say Adam, as the human race representative, brought guilt not only upon Adam but upon all his posterity. None of this, based on the Ancient African Bible, makes sense or "feels right."

The first is a misinterpretation of the African Tehuti's (?12,500 BC) Law of Polarity: "everything is dual, has poles for its pair of opposites, and its opposites are identical in nature but different in degree." Allow me to illustrate with the Universe Circle Concept--a cross inside a circle so as to form four quadrants. In its upper left part is QI (quadrant I), symbolizing God’s Love; in the upper right is QII, representing the opposite of Love--i.e. the absence of Love (caused by a separation from God) inside the state of indifference to Compassion or Caring; in the lower left is QIII, a God creation mixture of Love, Sublime Goodness, Nature, and anything not hateful or evil; and QIV, in the lower right--because of QII--consists of hateful thoughts, destructive emotions, and evil deeds. QI and QIII are Real. QIII, composed of Spiritual and Material complementary equals (i.e. Yin/Yang), means their Spiritual Elements are identical--thus qualifying them as polar opposites. QII and QIV are not God's creations because God does not create Indifference, Hate, and Evil.

For Love (QI) and Evil (QIV) to be opposites or merge as complementary equals is impossible for several reasons. First, Unconditional Love, deriving from God’s Inner nature, exists and exerts power as a positive Spiritual Energy force. Because evil is the result of a human creation (resulting from making a free will choice to shut out Unconditional Love), it lacks God's Substance and thus cannot be a complementary equal. Second, Love and evil do not have comparable forces of power. The word “Force” means strong with respect to encountering resistance. Being God made, forces of Love work everywhere inside and outside the Earth World. Forces of evil operate only within a human--and only when Love in that human switches off as part of the process of decision-making and problem-solving. Love is the only force able to conquer evil. To wipe out evil provides the opportunity to replace it with the force of Love. However, evil does not have the power to wipe out or even affect Love in those who resist evil or when Love is expressed fully. Third, just as a woman is either pregnant or not (an all-or-none Spiritual event), Love is either switched on or off at the time one makes a given decision or takes any action. If the switch is 'on,' it cannot have a "dance" with Evil. In contrast to evil, Love has no degrees. In addition, African Tradition says God is Love and Love (and therefore God) is within each human being. All Ancient African concepts of Love are in marked contrast to those of the Western world (which says 'love' is an emotion) and thereby represent the most fundamental differences in African and European philosophy. But when Western concepts flood the world, while deliberately eliminating or confusing African concepts, people have no choice but to be deceived and led onto self-destructive paths.


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