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Human Nature

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In C14?, Europeans said "Human Nature" referred to bodily processes and the restorative powers of the body; then about 1380, to ones innate character or disposition; then in 1385, to ones inherent creative power or impulse; then to the human tendencies common in all societies; and then (1526), to the qualities present with the birth of humans. As knowledge about humans increased, "Nature" became impossible for Europeans to define. By contrast, Ancient Egyptians defined "Nature" ('Neter,' God and 'Neteru,' God's manifestations) referring to the "what it is" of a thing when it came into being and springing forth with the inherent qualities contained in the thing. My interpretations of Ancient Africans' concepts of a human's natures is that the Cosmic Spirit impregnates into the essence of each of God's creatures and creations a Life and the Spiritual Elements. A human's true Spiritual "Nature" is Soul, a shared essence of the Spirit of God's Being. In the process of being born into the Material World, organized Matter is added and that combination becomes a human's “Primary” Physical Human Nature (PPHN): This term for its birth gift nature is used to distinguish the acquired forms of a human's nature--e.g. “Second” Nature (consisting of what is absorbed from socialization) and “Tertiary” Nature (an “I’ll do it my way” orientation)--the same as what the public calls the “Self-Made” person—regardless of whether this relates to think, feel, say, and/or do ways. Following ones Real Self inclinations ensures success in life. PPHN constitutes the qualities and characteristics shared by all human beings--independent of race, religion, creed, age, gender, time period, or culture. In general, Human Nature is common to all the 37 billion people who have lived everywhere, in all societies, and in all ages. Newborn PPHN features embrace:

(1) Needs that at birth are orchestrated by Instincts expressing the Will of God. (A) Self-preservation--urges for food, water, temperature control, elimination, reproduction, physical activity (e.g. a need to move and explore); (B) Survival--"Fight," "Flight," "Fright," "Funk" (sink down); (C) Self-Protection--experiences of emotions that attract (e.g. pleasure) or serve as alarm stimuli (e.g. anger, fear, depression, and emotional pain) (Bailey, Managing Emotions). (2) Endowments (i.e. natural qualities--the "That it is"). (3) Propensities--in-born tendencies like ones capacities, abilities, and language. (4) Brute Brain Expression capabilities, represented by Ancient Africans as the god Set. (5) Mortality. These features, present thousands of years ago when the original humans came into being, are exactly the same in today’s descendants--features of ones Lower (animalistic) Self which are Natural at birth but ungoverned by Reason. In particular, ones Emotions and Passions are in a "Wild" state--not conforming to any rule or duty--are irregular in presentation and consistency-- and unripe. If they are not bridled and properly guided, these natural Emotions become impulsive, reckless Passions which have no morals. They overrule what is needed for the development of ones Selfhood Greatness, Thriving, Happiness, caring for others, or making worthwhile contributions.

When ones Emotions and Passions are allowed to "run wild" to a Mild or Slight degree, one exhibits varied forms of self-absorption ("Me, Me, Me") with its attendant "Fetters"--extreme selfishness, greed, hatred, anger, egoism, fear, envy, jealousy, frustration, selfishness, arrogance, pride, lust (Ashby, Book of Dead, p89). These Fetters are powered by imaginations concerning oneself and others and thereby cloud out the realistic part of ones Spiritual human nature. Then, ones Soul "sunshine" cannot impart peace, harmony, or Oneness with the Cosmic Organism. When ones Emotions and Passions are allowed to "run wild" to a Moderate degree, ones Selfhood is orchestrated by ones Brute Brain's Indifference, Hate, and Evil expressions. For example, as a way of life they have a mindset of hostility; focus on dominating others; and hold victims to lofty and actually unattainable standards--while not living up to rules themselves. When ones Emotions and Passions are allowed to "run wild" to an Extreme degree, Brutes' imaginative Supernatural world causes them to become "legends in their own minds" and "little gods." Their "disease of the soul" creations include the formation of a Satan and a Hell--both competitors with God--both useful for mind control devices--both providing "sick" pleasures from making people suffer.


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