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Classifying "Rules"

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Rules can be classified into Good, Necessary, Important, Bad, Ignorant, Evil, Indifferent, Useless, Out of Date, Workable Under Certain Circumstances, Self-Deception, and Miscellaneous. Since the Spiritual Elements are boundless, Rules imposed by 'authorities' do not apply in African Tradition to Right Living. Instead, socialization of children is based upon God-inferred Guidelines. Very Ancient Africans derived them from astro-mathematical studies applied to the Lucky Stars. To find one was to be shown what to "Know" because its message came from the Substance of God. Proper Guidelines emerge out of the Spiritual Elements. For example, the "Moral Right" is the "what it is" which lays out the "what it does," as opposed to the "how it appears. If any of these are flawed, then it is not "Right." The child-rearing key is to use Critical Thinking (CT) for how to stay within the context of the Spiritual Elements--"where every thing is every thing." Then ones inclinations derived from them serve as Standards, Guides, and Filters for "Right" living. Here, there are no rules except to not step outside their "what it is." Out of these same Spiritual Elements spring "Rules" for living in daily life. Two of mine as a boy were to strive to be better in something every day so I could cheer this small success "just for me" + never do harm intentionally to anyone. I applied certain Workable Rules Under Certain Circumstances. For example, the Golden Rule of "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" seemed to me to be an excuse for not having to do CT. As a physician, I learned that modifications had to be made to fit the needs, circumstances, and taste for different patients who otherwise had the same problem and needed the same solution.

Important Rules are those justified by a need to properly guide certain people. One example pertains to children. Children require Guidelines and Rules in the way the toddler--who stopped dancing naturally upon becoming self-conscious from being observed--needs them to organize what it takes to naturally flow again. This achievement is a human counterpart of ones birth gift state of Spiritual Boundlessness for "Right Living." Another example applies to Society. Human life is filled with conflicts to such an extent that its frequency is carried over to English words used practically every time something is spoken or written. Examples: the word "is"--signifying the idea of being or existence as well as the words "not" and the word pairs 'all/none' and "either/or"--each signify ideas of opposition. These and antithetical pairs (e.g. good/evil, life/death, war/peace) are of a nature that they exclude one another. As a result, many Rules and Laws are fashioned to regulate people's thinking and behaviors. Societal Rules used to govern behaviors are assessed as proper, improper, or evil. Though presented as of a "one size fits all" nature, what makes them improper or even evil is how they are applied by biased or prejudiced people. The Poor, who are historically "beaten down" by the "System's" application of inhumane Rules, are further placed into a disadvantage because they are not in keeping with the reality of their experiences. Such Rules block their rise out of povery + make it hard to live. Other rules (e.g. in the legal/criminal system) are oppositional for what it takes to survive day to day, necessitating them doing what works. Most accept imposed rules because of believing there is nothing else they can do; because following those Rules relieves them of the responsibility for having to think; and because Rules justify bad results.

Self-Deception Rules from Ignorance occur because human's intelligence is mainly a linear (i.e. in lines) scanning system of ones conscious attention--like flashing a light across a room. The self-deception comes from regarding what one extracted out of that flash as the basis of all there is to know about what is in that room. Yet, actually the essences of everything in reality are occurring in that room all at once--a happening with which the human mind cannot deal. Still, this does not stop certain 'authorities' from considering what they know out of the flash of light to be all that is needed, and thereby present this as the Truth. To the naïve, such bad information SEEMS right. Evil-Deceptive Rules apply when bad information is done to put oneself at an unfair advantage and ones victims at an unfair disadvantage. Its intent is to place a cloud over people's inner mental or Soul "sunlight" so as to take them away from who they really are.


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