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The Ancient African Bible says Laws are statements of mathematical relations, order, or sequences of what arise out of the philosophical Base of the Cosmos--i.e. the Spiritual Elements, as seen in Nature or in Cosmic Spiritual Energy (the Spirit). They are objective (if not directly, then by scientific circumstantial evidence from their manifestations), universal, both personal and impersonal, invariable, unchanging, permanent, stationary, boundless, infinite (without limits), eternal (without beginning or end of time), and undefinable (without borders). Yet, they have different appearances under different conditions. Still, all are verifiable by how they are lived in Plant and Animal Kingdom life. This is why Ancient Africans had Certainty about fashioning and inferring Laws--a Certainty having nothing to do with today's comparable categories of Information, Beliefs, and Faith--since each has doubt at its core. When Religions rest on these as their Base, none can stand up under the scrutiny of Critical Thinking and its demands of Proof. Ancient African Religion used Nature's organization/interdependence as readily seen everywhere, in all real things. Hence, Cosmic Laws can explain natural forces regulating all natural events (i.e. changing realities) in the universe as well as those in all humans' biological makeup. These Principles (unchanging realities) can be intuitively (i.e. learn from ones Soul) perceived--and that is how one uses Laws of the Spiritual Elements to live a Ma'at life--not from moral notions extuited (learned from others).

What is appropriate in African Tradition is to use Laws, Principles, and Rules established in Spiritual Realms by mathematics to infer their counterparts in Material realms. To illustrate, the same Cosmic Laws governing all manifestations of Cosmic activity are inferred to operate in each human's integrated Selfhood. Here, ones Divine Consciousness and Will work as team members with ones Spirit (Energy/Matter). This means the Self/Spirit is in charge and control of ones Selfhood (i.e. being responsible for and directing it). The Will is the action force for ones Divine Consciousness to be delivered to the Spirit. To observe this integration in ordered function and extract its abstract principles is to connect and unify events and other principles out of things. These, despite differing widely in form and external appearance, enable getting ones life in Spiritual Harmony or to maintain ones life in a state of well-being. This was the principle I used in practicing medicine because it connected the Spiritual and Material worlds so as to keep order and harmony physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. "Picking and choosing" will not work. Nor will it work to start a self-improvement path using Laws, Rules, or Principles without first classifying them into their separate spiritual and secular components so as to have proper standards, guides, and filters.

The European concepts of Laws are applicable in diverse subject matters and with such conflicts between and within definitions and subjects as to make "Law" an Umbrella Term lacking any agreed upon definition. By being ordained by an "authority(s)," Laws of humans are deemed to be a reliable set of rules and a set of directions which should be obeyed, can be disobeyed, and are subject to change. By disregarding the Spiritual, Europeans say philosophic thinking, by employing concepts or abstractions, can formulate principles or laws. Note that such thinking and the credibility of such sources and the degree of completeness of the items used by the sources are dependent upon the frailties of the human mind. Thus, they cannot be relied upon to make life-shaping and life-changing decisions. What is even worse is the presenting of these human-made "laws and principles" as what is "right" to the extent of being advocated as premises for reasoning about all events in ones life. European history is full of sham science which has 'verified' non-existent things by observation, experiment, and archeology. For example, during slavery, in order to separate Native Americans, African Americans, and Europeans on a “scientific” basis (a contradiction), White “scientific expert classifiers” reached into the insane part of their minds to come up with the concept of racial blood types--and there is no such thing!!!. Yet, they "proved" that in Negro-White interbreeding Mulattoes had 3/8ths to 5/8ths Negro blood; Quadroons, 1/4th Negro blood; and Octoroons, 1/8th or less Negro blood. And this became "law!"


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