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Spiritual Boundlessness

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By being born with a lack of self-consciousness, a toddler dances because it feels natural to flow with the rhythm of the music. But when she becomes self-conscious--i.e. aware of people watching her dance, she tenses up and does not dance well--because she feels as if there are certain rules to follow which she is not doing. However, if she undergoes training and gets rid of the flaws hampering her dance, she will return to her birth gift of a natural flowing dance--the human counterpart of Spiritual Boundlessness where there are still no rules to follow. Every human is born with and initially operates out of Selfhood Greatness that comes from the endless Cosmic Organism Ocean--an Ocean consisting of the Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural--an Ocean where there are no rules or regulations to follow because one simply lives within its context--an Ocean where Freedom reigns. A human's Selfhood Greatness is like a wave in that Ocean, meaning it is unlike any other wave and yet contains the same Spiritual Elements as all other waves as well as of the Ocean itself. Each of those Spiritual Elements is boundless--meaning it is infinite (without limits), eternal (without beginning or end of time), and undefinable (without borders)--none of which the human mind can grasp and none of the Wisdom of its contents can be fully known. Yet, the wave of each human contains the "blueprint" for how that human is to live so as to enhance the entire Cosmic Organism. Meanwhile, the vapors from all the other waves--consisting of all of God's other creatures and creations--makes for a Spiritually binding kinship connection with every other Ocean wave. Those who maintain an awareness of their own wave connection with all other waves possess an elevated mindset whose platform of thinking is about creating, enhancing, maintaining, and defending harmony, Balance, and Peace for all.

But such a boundless Spiritual connection with others is clouded over if, and when, one becomes self-conscious/self-absorbed--a mindset which follows its own rules and/or follows the rules of ones family, friends, subculture, or society at large. Either way, those rules put boundaries on the orchestrators of ones Selfhood and that takes away the certainty about "How to Dance in Living." Ones Dance then becomes awkward and confused to such an extent that one is easily led by ignorant or evil people who SEEM to have a better way. In exchange for looking outside ones own Spiritual Elements for guidance, one loses ones sense of being empowered with the "5Ss"--safety, security, sureness, strength, and stability--the essentials all humans seek throughout the course of their lives. The resultant mental and spiritual chaos expresses itself as chronic juggling in daily living and urges one to engage in "Escapes" in pointless hopes of having a Free Mind moment.

For those deciding to take charge and control of themselves, so as to be in charge and control of what they do, and so as to be in charge and control of every situation they are in, demands giving up the lousy excuse of being "Too Busy" and do the necessary work to learn what is "Right." The only "Right" I know is the Principles (unchanging realities) of Ancient African Tradition. It says that within Spiritual Boundlessness, the deepest, most sound, most unchanging, most infinite is the mystery of Unconditional Love. Since the human Soul is the offspring of the image or spark of God, that Soul possesses boundless power. To live a Ma'at life is to never abuse that power by doing harm to oneself or others--by not allowing needless harm to be done to oneself or others. A place to start is to search within ones Soul. To reconnect with it, clear out all Emotional Junk and all Information one has so as to focus on Purity and Certainty. "Purity" means 'Mere' (i.e. that and nothing else); the Essence (the way it was when it came into being); the plain and obvious, un-adulteration of a thing. Though the mind cannot conceive of "Purity," ones Soul can intuit it and feel its Order, Regularity, Coherence, Consistency, Compatibility, Balance, Harmony, and Predictability. As a result, this serves as an internal "Alarm Center" whereby an "alarm" is set off whenever there is the tiniest of a flaw in any of those 8 aspects contained within the Spiritual Boundless. That "Alarm Center" has been the single most important Spiritual tool that has served as my self-protection and self-preservation when confronted with possible disasters initiated by evil or ignorant people.


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