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Bounding Spirtuality's Boundlessness

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A Shawnee Amerindian saying is: "The Great Spirit knows no boundaries, nor will his red children acknowledge any." The C17 sense of one of the many 'faces' of "Bound" is to "form the edge (as where the river meets the land) or limit of; to enclose, to contain." A partner of this 'face' is the sense of bound in "the way of doing," based upon being under some obligation to follow the rules which limit the setting. The "big picture" of "Bound" is that there is a barrier obstructing a passage but that barrier is not necessarily impassible. To convert any Spiritual Boundlessness into the Bounded is a powerful way to have ones mind controlled. It also “Constrains” and “Restrains” minds--C13 English words meaning to “hold tightly within” by outward circumstances or by inner prompting. Both characterized slave owners' practices done to remold minds of Enslaved Africans brought to the Americas. For Black People this is like being born under a specific set of African Principles while bound to European laws--and those, similar to oil and water, do not mix! Resultant conflicts and differences meet to form every type of Confusion (the keystone of mind control)--especially when compared side by side so that the results are shadowy and vague. Confusion on Spiritual boundaries range from what happens to a bird with a clipped wing over to being cribbed and confined by doubts and fears. By generating shallows and miseries, Confusion leads one off the "Right" path so that ones thinking, feeling, expressing, and acting design vicious cycle decisions and solutions. So, how did bounded and confused minds in most of today's world come about?

Much of the answer can be attributed to the art of ancient Greek government, which arose in tiny city-states to become the political mode of control over most of today's world. A building block of their philosophy was the necessity for Slaves. They believed Slaves to be like mechanical beings having the purpose of doing the ugly, horrible, uninteresting work of civilization's daily life, since otherwise culture and contemplation would be almost impossible. Hence, it was essential for them to put boundaries on the Spiritual Boundlessness of both the Slaves and Greek people. Since Free Minds are not controllable, Rules for fellow Greeks and for the Slaves--in the manner that "one size fits all"--were required so that all would conform to the behaviors and patterns the authorities dictated. Of course, this gave them free reign to also do violence to the African Spiritual Elements "Seeds"--Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural. Yet, what is absolutely fundamental for sound mental health in its application to "Right" daily living is that there cannot be the slightest or the tiniest of alteration in these "Seeds." Sickle Cell Anemia well illustrates the point.

Here, the patient’s defective hemoglobin differs from normal hemoglobin by only one single and normal amino acid--i.e. the presence of valine substituted for glutamic acid. Yet, this one tiny defect in the beta hemoglobin chain, out of 146, can cause orderly disordered bone changes, an enlarged spleen (which ancient Greeks erroneously thought engendered laughter), hemolytic anemia, vascular infarcts (death of some body part because of a clogged blood vessel), and leg ulcers. The disorder follows a predictable orderly pattern. In other words, the trigger flaw is about: (1) a rearrangement of what is normal rather than (2) a defective amino acid. But trigger flaws may also be about (3) a new combination or arrangement of the normal to make a "Normal Variant" or something abnormal or (4) a new form of something as a "Normal Variant" or something abnormal. Slavery, Racism, and bad information from ignorant people are orderly processes designed to put the minds of Black Americans into chaos that is self-defeating and that prevents rising above poverty of any type. In applying these concepts to human interactions, one of the most terrible is Europeans placing boundaries, not simply on the greatness of Ancient Africans and today's Black Americans but legally and "scientifically" declaring they and their diaspora offspring have boundaries on their humanness--as when Euro-Americans considered the Enslaved to be 3/5ths of a human. The Enslaved who believed this were easily re-defined as to who they were; accepted this false definition; "lived down" to its evil label; built a lifestyle around it; and then socialized those wretched concepts onto their children and their children, thereby disabling them all up to today.


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