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African Tradition Mathematics

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Very Ancient Africans said humans live inside a mathematically based Organic Cosmos--as noted by observing math shapes throughout Nature (e.g. patterns of the sky). Being the foundation of knowledge, African Math (quantitative reasoning) arrives at Certainty without doubt and arrives at Truth without error. To "Know" the Cosmic Mystical aspects starts with looking behind the obvious to see the consistent, permanent, stationary, and unchanging patterns/elements underlying natural events and the course of their Natural Processes. The closer one gets to this awareness, the more one understands the Laws of Nature; what is contained in those Laws; how to understand each piece within any given aspect, so as to properly interpret them; and how to manipulate and maneuver any of those bits and pieces to solve paradoxes. Similarly, the process of Order and consistent Patterns underlying situations and circumstances give rise to Thoughts whose foundation for, and the frame within which they exist, is mathematical. As a result, what arises out of a given mathematical Thought "Seed" is a thinking pattern which follows layered mathematical designs in keeping with Patterns of Nature. Such processes were formalized c2000-1500 BCE into a six step Scientific Method (Van Sertima)--Humankind's first. Inferred Math processes allowed designing models for manifesting meaningful Tools possessing a numerical essence. Using such tools, Ancient Africans gathered Facts--then manipulated (e.g. into varying combinations) and maneuvered (e.g. into new arrangements) them so as to infer Cosmic laws--laws known through their qualitative and quantitative Logic (Mathematics).

In elaborating (1953), Watson and Crick said (Amen, MAAT p29) the structural and functional expression of living things is based on four proteins: adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine--arranged three at a time as a double-stranded helix--combined variously to form the DNA molecule. DNA is the fundamental unit underlying the genes. The arrangement yields 64 combinations out of which the vast diversity of living forms in Nature is produced. Together, they accomplish their goals through strict and complex math processes--pertaining to Shapes, Patterns, and Designs underlying the creation of living matter. No living form could come into being without this very complex math designed basic process and/or lacking orchestration by the Cosmic Intelligence.

Wherever such activity occurs, energy following math principles is at work so as to fashion certain unique forms of actions and reactions which are applicable anywhere in the Cosmos. Each element's fundamental unit, said Ancient African Sages, is the atom. The atom itself is composed of positively charged particles (Protons) + neutral particles (Neutrons)--which together occupy the center of the atom (the nucleus) + negatively charged particles (Electrons) swirling around the nucleus. They added, there must be an organizing intelligence to even bring a living thing into being and then orchestrate a pattern to serve as an organizing force both inside and outside the atom. From observations verified by Correspondence--i.e harmony and agreement in every Cosmic Spiritual Element off-spring--and proven by their invented mathematics, they fashioned Circumstantial Truths into Laws of Nature.

African Tradition's Objective Science is based upon Quantitative Thinking which concerns the manner in which processes occur in the Cosmos--especially their patterns and the powers associated with the shapes of those patterns. Such is discovered--not invented and not created--by observable facts + mathematical facts, axioms, and corollaries so as to enable one to recognize the Cosmos' quantifiable aspects. To elaborate, Quantities have size, weight, number, mass, height, depth, width, length, extent, capacity, endurance, time duration, and volume. They can be counted, weighed, measured geometrically (e.g. lines, curves, angles), added to, or reduced. As understood through Very Ancient Africans' originated qualitative logic + their quantitative logic + their Scientific thinking proving into Certainty that everything real in the Cosmos is connected, Ancient African Sages perceived God's presence as being the intelligence behind all these laws of Nature. In other words, they concluded the meaning behind all the laws of Nature and their orchestration order and harmony can be reduced to God (a Big Mind). [Ref: Bailey, Mentoring Minds of Black Boys; Amen, Maat p27]. This entire series is in Bailey, Teaching Black Students.


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