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Mathematics Underlies African Tradition

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An amazing insight of Very Ancient African priest-astronomers (?20,000 BC to 12,500 BC) was to explore the subject of “Order” as a way to discover Truth--and nothing was better ordered in Truth and Reality than stars and planets in the sky. The concept came from revelations in which African Sages said all things in the Cosmos began in order; shall end in order; and then begin again. The first tool for observing the visible appearances of the stars, planets, moon, and sun was the Astroscope (the reed of a plant). Its purpose was for Divination—an Inductive method for obtaining knowledge of the unknown. From this research came general concepts about Cosmic Order—like realizing the rhythms inside Order and the Vibrations making up Rhythms. Refined instruments allowed African Sages to chart stars and planets' orbits more deeply; to note how the earth responded to these orbits; and to devise units of measurements (e.g. arithmetic and geometry) based upon the observed periodicity of astronomic events. To record this data, they had to invent Pure Mathematics, the highest rung of human Rational Thought--the most original creation of humans--the non-empirical (not based on observation or experiment) Science par excellence--the queen of the Sciences--in order to deliver the key to those laws of Nature and the universe, both concealed by appearances. Most early mathematical discoveries derived from needing to have a better understanding of Vibrations. To these ends they searched to find a fixed point in the sky's sacred space--a space conforming to African Sages' revelations concerning primordial aspects of the Cosmic Creation--a point essential for establishing natural order--a point useful as a central axis for all future orientation—the point of absolute reality. Eventually, the Woyo (Equatorial Africa) and Dogons (Mali) found and named it the Po Tolo (Sirius B) Star (Diop, Civilization p314).

Their measurements so matched the Celestial Order (“course or way”) as to itself amount to a revelation regarding the organizing principles by which Ancient Africans recognized its own latent harmony. Inferences from all this knowledge generated insights related to Ordered Rhythms-- insights leading to Truths concerning the earth, the cycles of Nature, the stars, constellations, and human body mechanics. Hence, devised math blended the heavens and the earth in a manner fashioning them into one unity. For example, the "x's" and "y's" of mathematics--invented by Very Ancient Africans--became short-cut ways of manipulating symbols without thinking of the specific meanings they may be standing for (e.g. so many bushels of beans or the area of a platform). Those Circumstantial Truths--based on Nature giving to the shape of a given pattern a specific power-- paved the way for inferring more laws. Such enabled them to realize that vibrations of the Spiritual Energy formed the Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural--each in the form of vibration patterns. African Sages said its creation elements proceed according to strict math rules--as all elements are being made of the same components, simply configured differently. The progression from one element to the next follows a strict math pattern in which the underlying properties of each element are repeated in the element 8 places away. This cyclic or periodic return of qualities is the basis of arranging the elements into the Periodic Table of Elements. Again, although each element is different, their "genetics" are the same, and their structures all follow the same pattern. Such are the principles underlying the Law of Correspondence--i.e. harmonious fitting and agreement of the Spiritual Elements in every Cosmic off-spring of a Divine Archetype (Seed).

Satisfied from having discovered a celestial order by means of math, African Sages used this model to Deductively (making inferences from general truths to particular truths) build an earthly order for the benefit of kings, philosophers, and government officials. It was also used to organize principles of harmony, situations for facts, and intuitive Inductions (inferring general principles from particular facts present in the Cosmic order). It is from this type of thinking and research that Ancient African Sages concluded that God is unknowable but that God can be known through God's manifestations. That those manifestations are math based is evidenced on all planes of existence by all creatures and creations (including each human).


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