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Metaphysical Patterns in African Tradition (1/2)

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Very Ancient African Sages said the Cosmos is a Circle of Wholism within which are harmonious Patterns, each having a specific power. Each Pattern represents a creation and creature of God; share the same Spiritual Elements "Genetics"; and yet each is completely unique in order to independently serve its purpose for the interdependent betterment of the total Cosmic Organism. Each pattern and its power (e.g. inside each human) within the totality of the Cosmic Organism is essential for the harmonious, spontaneous self-regulation orchestrated by the Cosmic Intelligence. Each God-made pattern possesses a drop of the Cosmic Intelligence--each drop corresponds to all other drops--and all the drops conform to the plan of the Cosmic Intelligence (called God). Some patterns are obvious; some hidden; and some are Base/Foundations called Divine Archetypes (Seeds), as for the Animal or the Plant kingdom. To illustrate, Very Ancient African Philosophers said Divine Archetype Idea-Forms (e.g. for Beauty) are patterns in accord with that which God conceived of and created things. Since everything God-made, including the stars and planets, is based upon a specific pattern, by knowing that Pattern + its Shape (a unique outlined configuration of energy movement frozen in space) + each Pattern's specific power given by Nature enables Spiritual Magicians to unlock its esoteric aspects so as to make full practical use of any given one.

In applying these intuited Principles pertaining to God-created Divine Forms for such things as Music, Mathematics, Beauty, Goodness, Thought--each containing an Archetype Seed and Archetype pattern--Very Ancient Africans inferred Idea-Forms to be patterns fixed in Nature which reproduce themselves in their own image to become the thing it makes. Also, all of its Prototype offspring anywhere in the Cosmos are in accordance with the Law of Correspondence. As part of the process of manipulating Idea-Forms to successfully perform the highest levels of Magic, it was necessary to uncover Patterns obscured by their context; finding hidden relationships between seemingly unrelated pieces of Patterns; and recognizing a known principle in disguise so as to generate a match. This includes hidden ones without obvious order--i.e. no human can pin it down. A match happens because Organic Patterns, besides being beautiful markings which never make an asthetic mistake, are each perfectly ordered--as evidenced by the resultant Thing's coherent, enduring, balanced, harmonious, connectedness, and unchanging elements/pattern. Thus, to assess the "Hidden" means knowing it by an intuitive insight and then assessing it as if one were examining all the sides and angles of a match box in order to discover its intimate esoteric (ingredient essences about a given form of reality) aspects. There is no other way to know it or describe it. So, to arrive at such knowledge requires inference leaping by illogical, not logical, thinking. Incidentally, this is a way to solve any seemingly "IMPOSSIBLE PROBLEM" ( Bailey, Leadership Critical Thinking).

African Sages realized that since most people do not know themselves, they are unaware that everything seen in the outside world is of oneself because the only way one can know anything is through ones Central Nervous System (CNS). Ones CNS senses things in the outside world and brings them into ones Selfhood, to which it adds related memories in order to make meaningful "only my way" interpretations for decisions and solutions. By contrast, "KNOWING THYSELF" is an awareness of the Organic Pattern of the Cosmic Organism's natural order being the very same order in every Cosmic Pattern. Because the Universe is around and within every human, all knowledge as a drop of the Cosmos is within each human. Hence, it is stupid to base "How Shall I Live" on what others say it should be. In other words, each Pattern is a Microcosm (anything regarded as the world in miniature) of the Cosmic Circle of Wholism (the Macrocosm). Thus, any given human is the external world--and is not separated or fundamentally different from anything or anybody in the external world. This is the ultimate in Belonging. To fully understand this makes it clear that each human has ones own Mission and all that it takes to make that happen as part of the "Good Life" is within onself. For example, all of Cosmic Beauty is a drop inside a given human and that human can choose to live out of that Beauty's pattern or out of something else.


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