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Metaphysical Patterns in African Tradition (2/2)

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"Divine Paradigm" is an Ancient African word referring to that portion of a perfect Metaphysical Idea-Force which serves as an Exemplar (model), Blueprint, or Pattern for use by a divine agent (especially God) in Creation. Out of these perfect Patterns come imperfect Forms, copies, or imitations (as, for example, the sensible world from the perfect Amenta realm). Whether referring to such God-made Archetype (Seed) Patterns or those human-made forms (Prototypes) which are for a Purpose or for "just a design," each Pattern has its own rate of vibrations and thus its own stimulant power to activate sound. Practical demonstrations of how all this worked were depicted in Ancient African Art, Music, Mathematics, and Thinking--and each is part of the other. Their familiar patterns or structures serve as the foundation for building greater knowledge and even stronger and more extensive brain neural networks to support learning of all kinds. This was foundational to African Sages preferring Affect Symbolic Imagery (ASI) as a beginning teaching style for Ancient African youth before they graduated into Esoteric realms. My interpretation is their idea in using ASI is to get acquainted with the mysterious in and around the creative elements' impenetrable mystery. Creativity, like the sky's Black Hole, contains esoteric knowledge (certainty of hidden intricacies) in its depth--and out of it comes life-shaping and life-changing things. But intuitively entering this realm is only done spontaneously (the life of itself) and without effort--as characterizes Meditation--an entering by the easiest route while feeling free to make mistakes. The objective: with a Free Mind, creatively relate to the "What Is" of esoteric knowledge. One begins with a Spiritual Elements "Notion"--a mental incoming collection of Sensations displaying as the earliest stage of a developing Idea. Since the Notion is a start-up pattern of energy, it possesses vague and partially formed patterns which evolve--when added to apperceptions (memories)--as mentally enhanced patterns into maturity--called Images. Such Images are then collected to form imagery; next, the imagery is extended into thought patterns; and finally, the thought patterns are extended into concepts.

Images, Symbols, Icons, Legends, Thought Structures, and Emotions concerning people, places, or things have Patterns which uniquely identify each. These have complex interrelationships whereby each Pattern is working independently to interdependently achieve a common purpose--a principle applying on all planes of Cosmic existence. To habitually go along with the flow of the Cosmic Organism serves as a basis for living well in life and getting along with other people. If the Cosmic Organism flow is likened to a piece of wood, experience teaches that cutting along the grain of the wood is easier to do than to cut against the grain. So is interacting with people in the most congenial way. Foolish, and especially the dangerous (e.g. Satanists), people--those believing they know best for how others are to live--devastate cultures and subcultures by imposing their ill-conceived 'against the grain' philosophies and ways on others. This is seen each time arrogant "do-gooder little god authorities" decide to bulldoze the slums and rebuild that area in their concepts of what is right. By making judgments on only what they see and believe, they fail to consider all the complex interrelationship patterns going on there--each being dependent on the others.

What 'little gods" see is only that which violates their values while failing to see the benefits that might outweigh certain of what they see that they dislike. Such came to my attention as an orthopaedic surgery resident when arrogant contractors remodeled the operating room suite without ever asking us--the operating crew--our opinions as to what would make things better. As a result, they left the suite worse off than it had been. Because people are now so self-absorbed and feeling alone, there is a terrible drastic decline in people communicating with each other and that cuts against the grain. Fundamental to Critical Thinking is realizing one can be "right" while on the wrong Track and going in the wrong direction. Such is called "Orthodox," referring to the familiar, the understandable, the easily seen, and the expected that confirms ones projections, which are wrong. To overcome such stupidity takes "smarts." To be "Too Busy" to take control and charge of ones life is to choose the status quo and thus be directed by outside forces into what is self-defeating and of a vicious cycle nature.


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