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Europeans' Supernatural-Based Metaphysical

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While at a private lunch recently with a university president, once a college professor, I asked him if he had ever seen a European discussion about any non-mechanical subject that dealt with the 'what it is' or essence of the subject. He said: "No." This lends support to my research indicating European Metaphysics is based simply on various so-called scholars' individual opinions--and that collectively forms their concept of Metaphysics and the Supernatural's "what it is." Hence, so much confusion pertains to Europeans' word "Metaphysics" and its contents that there can be no sense of what is right. But if such flaws are all one has ever been taught or heard or read, then one accepts it as "the truth" and disregards the high level African Tradition concepts. To illustrate how the wrong ramifications of such Flawed Information--in contrast to Knowledge which is Certain--come about, let us consider how Europeans put the subject of Metaphysics together. Today's European historians promote the greatness of Aristotle and yet never mention his best ideas/writings were of African Origin. Nevertheless, preservation of his works meant secretly hiding them in different places, with many suffering worm-eaten maltreatment + misinterpretations of passages by copyists + misarranged into helter-skelter order. His today's books were never edited or authored by him.

The work called Metaphysics, for instance, he wrote as bits and pieces on various subjects. As with the European Bible, when others edited them, they added expressions, selected what they thought was worthwhile, ignored the chronological order of the treatises, grouped dissertations from different periods under the same title and presented this as a systemized whole to the public--called "Metaphysics"--meaning 'the tract that is to be read after the Physics.' Hence, now Aristotle's works lack unity or any clear progression of thought; are repetitious; and are at times even contradictory. In my cross-checking, another book contradictorily said: "Metaphysics is a term coined by Charles Richet, who defined it as: "the science concerned with all phenomena appearing due to unknown intelligent forces, including the astonishing intellectual phenomena of our subconscious." It elaborates by saying: "Metaphysical phenomena may be explained in terms of God or the Devil; energetic whereby psychic forces act on matter; spiritualism (or the presence of the dead); superstition, error or sheer trickery; and modern physic. Metaphysic synonyms include Psychotronic, Transphysics, Epsionics, and Parapsychology. Its subdivisions are variously given as, for example, Metapsychology (e.g. Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Split Personality, Hypnotism, and Table-Turning) and Metapsychophysics (e.g. Ectoplasm and Telekinesis, or the ability to move a remote object)." The author concludes with: "Metaphysics confirms the reality of the invisible." Kant said its three grand ideas are God, Freedom, and Immortality. Others said it is about the existence of enduring substances underlying all perceptible qualities or about a fixed order of reality behind the sequence of phenomena in experience. James added it is the interaction and influence between things. Note how "Supernatural" among Europeans themselves differs. As a boy I was told that if I ever saw how sausage is made I would never eat any more. After 45 years of continual research into Black History and European literature, that is what I think about significant European definitions and concepts.

So let us compare how Metaphysics is considered in African tradition. Characteristic of literature in African Tradition is dealing with the "what it is" as opposed to having its main focus on the "what it does" (or the "what it is about") and how it appears. "All is in One and One is in All" is the essence of all God's creatures and creations in relation to the Cosmic Organism. Since “The All” is an Ancient African term for God, The “One” and The “All” both equate to God. Yet, in another context of “All is One,” the “All” equates to the collection of God’s creatures and creations coming out of the One God, despite manifesting uniquely in the Physical World. Nevertheless, real, distorted, or unreal entities, descriptions, meanings, and explanations related to all of these aspects on different planes of the Cosmos--except the Physical Realm--which stay within the boundaries of the Spiritual Elements--Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural--constitute my definition of Metaphysics in African Tradition. Do you see the Confusion vs. Clarity?


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