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Ancient Africans' Miracle Magic

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When Egyptian priests were chased from Memphis (Egypt) in 526 BC (Diop (African Origin, p287), they dispersed and set up religious movements (e.g. Zoroastrian) with its associated Magic (Atkinson, Mind-Power, p63). It consisted of the practices of Very Ancient Africans who had imparted amazing insights into Magic under the name "Sacred Geometry." Its background, as stated by Ancient African Sages, is that God takes up residence in the world at the center of Humans' Spirits. Here, and during each Human’s spiritual infancy, God's Image acts to unify a given human's subconscious mentality and life support functions. If one develops the higher parts of ones Spirit, God then extends Its unifying functions to the affairs of ones life. Such Poetical Order--the order of Art--awakens ones reality-beyond-meaning so as to experience a non-thought, non-feeling interior impact causing one to be mentally disengaged. In this way one is able to benefit from the awesome Wisdom and Power behind the management of the infinite complexity of the mind and life support functions. One is also in tune with the Cosmic Organism by establishing the setting for, and then properly relating to humans, animals, and God in a manner that fashions a sense of harmony--the ultimate in being “Human.” Since their minds were God given and also emitted vibrations, Sages never doubted the power of their minds to apprehend the ultimate Truth about the laws of Nature.

A core idea within Ancient Africans' Magical "Sacred Geometry" is of everything, including the Stars and Planets ('wandering'), being based upon a specific pattern. To know a given pattern provides the key to unlocking its secret powers--whether dealing with higher spiritual realities, psychological or behavioral patterns, energy patterns, or actual structures manifested in the physical world. Another of African Sages' concepts is all technology is based upon the twin variables of shape and materials. Different shapes create different energetic effects, just as different materials offer a full spectrum of different energy qualities (energy expresses differently through a metal electrical conductor compared with wood). A key to understanding this hidden energy science of Sacred Geometry is that since Shape is a pattern of energy movement frozen in space, Nature gives each pattern specific power. Early African Magic, known to be so powerful, derived from the Sages' knowledge of precise energy blueprints within and behind all things, and the energy functions of these patterns. In Ancient Egypt, the Initiates of this knowledge were called Masters of the Net. Egyptian Spiritual Texts and temple wall illustrations are filled with explicit references to the Net and to the initiation process of Initiates becoming masters of these geometric energy processes. Many illustrations are devoted to showing Initiates how to use Nets to "Catch and Cast" Magic. The graduate Initiate understands the use of the Net well enough to be able to use every part of it--all the geometric blueprints of creation--to move freely in the Spiritual World. The externalization of these capacities became the foundation for true Magic, Extrasensory Powers, Prophecy, Miracles (Amen, Tree of Life p41) as well as processes for using the rhythms of Nature to formulate the foundation of Truths about the Cosmos and "How to Live." From resultant information, Ancient Africans perfected the basic tools of the Objective Sciences--and that evolved into the Principle of Correspondence: “As above, so below; as below, so above.” This Principle embodies the Truth that there is always conformity between the laws and phenomena of the various existence planes of Being and Life. This is because all real (God-made) things have the same Spiritual Elements "Genetics" but in different forms.

For African people to have this realization, Ancient African Sages said it best comes from peaceful tillage of the soil which, in turn, supplies their material needs and enables them to perform their magic in undisturbed serenity. This was the basis for making Ancient Africans a peaceful people who absorbed the Halo" effects of Nature's magic numbers and persuasive sounds which formed patterns of power. Those Nature derived Shapes enabled a given human to have Visions--the art of seeing invisible essences others are unable to see. The same thing happened to me when I was doing gardening as a boy. I would take off my shoes and socks and while wiggling my toes in the soil I entered Sublime realms and saw things to deeply appreciate.


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