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Fear-Based Mindsets of Early Europeans

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Unlike the Just, those sufficiently delusional to believe they are superior, fear everything. European mental health literature agrees Fear is their most common emotion; that Fear is painful; and that from their Mindset beginnings, Fear has been its "Superstar" Legend Symbol. Medically, Fear naturally and automatically activates ones Ancient Brain for a "fight or flight" response as: (1) a Birth Gift to preserve one from evil. Here, Fear is not to overbear reason, but rather to assist it. When Fear's origination is from a world perceived as dangerous: (2) ones Worry Fears continue to expand while producing increasing doubt, distrust, worry, and fatigue. To harbor Fear means it percolates throughout all ones thinking and shapes ones interpretations about certain happenings, thus leading to failures and despair. At its start, ones mind is a slave to hypersensitive delusional 'ghosts' who chronically tyrannize within ones imagination; raise phantoms of horror; and beset life with super-numerary distresses. Significant fears or cumulative small ones cloud ones vision; make one desperate; and produce cruelty to oneself and/or to other. No passion so effectively robs the mind of the power of its acting reasonably and kindly as does Fear. In the meantime, Worry Fear causes the victim to "die a thousand deaths." However, (3) Brutes Fears are purposely generated; grow in darkness; and, when stimulated, orchestrates the most drastic and presumably most effective remedy it knows--i.e. direct actions. Chronic Brute Fear actions follow the progression from Indifference to Hate to Evilness to Sadism--the IHES Complex. Typically, Fear follows crime as its punishment. Since appearing on earth, Europeans have been and remain a warring people. Of course, war generates fear in the predators and the prey. Brute Europeans developed the concept of "Delusional Fears"--consisting of self-generated unreal dangers or even threats as part of an addiction to fear--an addiction serving for the justification to Kill/Take/Destroy for personal gain--an element of their "Dark Side" in both their inner and outer worlds. (4) Satanists use Fear for excitement.

During the Ice Age in northern Europe, Fear was properly associated with Survival (Type I Fear). After basic survival was no longer an issue, it was replaced with a Brute Greedy Mindset--a mindset consisting of a glob of reality + distortion + fantasy--a mindset using Fear as a Weapon to stimulate aggression so as to gain power and control over others as well as to Kill/Take/Destroy as a means of entertainment. Because those gains are never enough, greed is the driving force to keep getting or trying to get more than enough. Hence, destructive means are created, enhanced, or maintained for illusional self-protection--and this automatically generates Type II--a Fear of Retaliation, from their victims. That is why they keep a foot on victims' throats until they have erased the victims' spirit to retaliate. Then they leave victims to grapple for the crumbs left behind--crumbs so necessary for survival that victims have no time to consider retaliation. Type III--Self-Created Fear--is self-protection stemming from ill-gotten gains and resultant worry about victims reclaiming it.

Type IV--Fear for Justification--was/is deliberately created to serve to justify attacks (mainly on Colored Peoples) so as to gain more unjust possessions. Type V--"White Superiority" Fears are from insecurity, unsafeness, unsureness, and instability. Examples: fears of losing jobs, status, or intellectual positions to Black People, whom they greatly envy. They seek isolation from victims in order to avoid power dilutions by those they try to keep down. Examples include Housing or school integration causing "White Flight." Type VI--Europeans' Inter-Competition Fear--includes "not being able to keep up with the Jones" (i.e. trying to match the lifestyle of ones more affluent neighbors or acquaintances). Type VII--Fear of not winning fairly against victim competitors or in self-created competitions called, among the richest Europeans, "The Game" of “he who has the most adult toys not only survives but wins.” Despite lacking actual physical danger, there are a host of fears and associated reactions to imagined threats to ones self-esteem. Type VIII is Fear of Exposure for not being the superior individuals they claim themselves to be. Type IX is Fear of being Subordinated--i.e. being overshadowed by another's power--especially if that is from one or more Black People. Type X: Satanists only Fear loss of their ill-gotten gains, for they believe evilness is right.


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