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Evolution of Early Africans' Supernatural Realm (1/2)

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At its best, "Supernatural" in an African Sense is a distortion of Reality--not in the way of an untruth--but rather as a swollen shadow created by mingling its own essence with Nature's laws. The mingling is woven into Reality so that a given thread goes over a specific aspect of Reality-- under the next--over--under, and so on. The final product is a mesh of a pleasurable, desirable, and beautiful design. It conveys a feeling or emotional understanding of an aspect of the Spiritual Elements--an understanding going infinitely beyond the capability of words to do--an understanding via a “twisted away” alternate path as a result of the entities comprising the Supernatural engaging in a graceful yielding to the influence and power of Reality. Still, it reaches the destination inside the flow of Reality. By contrast, the fantasies making up the European Supernatural are equated to reality and substitute for reality. Such is well illustrated by writers of the European Bible taking Metaphors out of the Ancient African Bible and making them into "False Facts." Still, throughout the ages, Africans have used the Supernatural in a variety of other ways--some for healing powers; some as Self-Esteem prop boosters; some to create good for themselves; some to create evil for others.

Because Myths are stories of the work of Supernatural beings, they contribute to Africans' Supernatural concept evolution: first, by drawing on primodial Epic Memory and Collective Unconscious concepts taking place in primodial times to invent Myths, the more enlarged their sacred societal history became. Bits and pieces of such fabulous creation “beginnings” led to expansive insights about primordial events occurring during the origin of the world and all the things in it--things like being mortal (sure to die); male and female gender differentiation; an organized society forced to work in order to live; and obliged to work in accordance with Spiritual Elements paths. Second, these practical facts and Supernatural information enhanced their Foreknowledge--i.e. acquiring facts and concepts in an intuitive and perhaps instinctive manner to get a new form of Prognostication. Third, resultant "Halo" effects spurred Shamans' ability to be a vehicle for oracles whose divine messages and visions enabled making consistently accurate predictions--qualifying them to be Visionaries (an ancient word for “Seers” who claimed to have divine secrets inspired by the moon--a feminine principle). Their objective was to find visionary relationships to the world (which change as the world changes) and to attain guidance and knowledge from Supernatural forces. Fourth, Very Ancient Africans established Spirituality by looking inside themselves into the Unseen Realm for assistance in dealing with life issues beyond their abilities to control or influence.

But what constituted African Religion and Cosmology (i.e. creation, processes, order, laws, and structures of the Universe) derived from the "face" of African Creation Mythology as actually revealed to the Sages. Perhaps what spurred Very Ancient African Sages to explore the details of Order was the result of being awed by the perfect organizational ability of the Creator of the Cosmos and the Creator’s creatures, like humans. Since accumulated knowledge from all of this gave them the power to realize the Truth, they simultaneously used Religion and Spirituality to build special orientations into their “We” togetherness sense. These began a traditional way of life for a given community. African forms of worshipping--e.g. praise, veneration (words, forms, symbols, and rites leading to aspirations and devotion), and admiration--were expressions of the "Heart" and of the inner relationship with God while a group engaged in fellowship. Higher plane worship consisted of praising God by means of striving to awaken the divine qualities present in ones being. This was done best by the priests and scribes who looked deeper into esoteric (hidden) realms and saw divine truths that could be cultivated into moral virtues and spiritual practices. Worship, said Very Ancient Africans, put everything in order before proceeding with the task at hand. Just as order is naturally present in the Macrocosm (i.e. the universe), order must be in the Microcosm (anything regarded as the world in miniature) because the Universe is around and within every human. Thus, all of Cosmic Beauty is inside a human. Having a place for each item (whether a given item has boundaries or not) and each being in its place—assures stability, balance, and harmony.


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