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Evolution of Early Africans' Supernatural Realm (2/2)

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he organization of the Cosmos was pursued by Very Ancient African priest-astronomers' discovery of the laws of Nature by means of astro-mathematics. What they concluded is that Cosmic and human Order are marked with mythical/psychical processes; by subjective/emotional reactions; by space revolving around openness/circularity; and via time, which is naturally experiential/infinite. Without order there would be perpetual crisis and illness. Very Ancient Africans’ supreme concept of Order, as crystallized by Tehuti (?12,500 BC), was that all of God’s creatures and creations—i.e. “Reality”--live inside God’s Infinite Mind. By being the ultimate creator, God is also the ultimate and Absolute Reality (as explained in The Kybalion). Out of such order Williams (Destruction of Black Civilization pp. 26, 175) said all Africans shared a common philosophy of life. African Sages then brought together all those findings to create new concepts for practical living and concerning Supernatural inferences. Their astute observations led to conclusions that every significant thing in life has interconnectedness (i.e. Law of Sympathy)--like how all parts of a spider web are connected.

Furthermore, this discovery was also the first step toward a mathematical analysis of the heavenly bodies (stars); the influence of the heavenly bodies upon the Earth; and the experiences in, and the inner Selfhood workings of humans. The Periodicity (the return of a celestial body to a given point at an even rate) of Cosmic cycles, which seems to follow numerical patterns, suggested that numbers were primal realities of the Cosmos—“absolute” (literally, “detached”) traces of Supernatural forces and thus sacred symbols of the gods. These Numbers in our Cosmos are hidden, orderly, balanced systems—and, similar to crystals or musical chords formation, they await discovery. By Symbolic Numbers measuring and depicting pure Force on the move, Ancient Africans believed they were the key to the harmonic laws of the Cosmos and thus symbols of Divine Order. An important Supernatural inference was that every Idea-Force within each “Divine Archetype” expresses itself in Numbers--which is another thing Plato plagiarized from Africans.

To elaborate, Symbolic Numbers, being above and beyond the operations and laws of the Earth world, are an arrangement of Idea-Forces already existing in the Universe and operating in accordance with the all-embracing laws of Harmony. Very Ancient Africans discovered that vibrating strings--whose lengths can be expressed in simple arithmetical numerical ratios--yield pleasing chords. This discovery led to the concept of “Harmony” (of the Spheres)--plagiarized by the Greeks. Each Symbolic Number--thought to be truly “sacred”--has a customized character, expressing an inner link with the object it defines. The actual digit of each Number is only its outer garment, implying a mystic relationship between what is named and the Number itself. Furthermore, all living things are capable of perceiving these mathematical expressions and being influenced by them. Such symbols are not units of measurements, said African Sages, but rather they represent Cosmic Beginnings (arche)—the ruling, uncreated, steadfast bond internally linking all things.

From resultant information Ancient Africans perfected the basic tools of the Objective Sciences--and that evolved into the Principle of Correspondence: “As above, so below; as below, so above.” This Principle embodies the Truth that there is always conformity between the laws and phenomena of the various existence planes of Being and Life. Thus, by understanding the known, African Sages could infer (by Deductive and Inductive reasoning) much that would otherwise be unknowable. This enabled, as if by magic, reasonably accurate Occult Predictions. Such Rational Predictions were based upon facts used to make estimations or an educated guess. They, when verbalized, are statements about an event not yet observed, detailing what will be found when it is observed. It presumes a considerable amount of factual knowledge relevant to the unobserved event and of the general principles of Nature that bear upon the issue at hand. Pertinent to this evolution of knowledge was the need to know how to deal with problems caused by Egypt's Nile River (for crops); to know about how to pursue the Truth in Spiritual realms; and to know how to deal harmoniously with problems in everyday life—partly out of necessity and partly out of curiosity.


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