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Warring Primitive Europeans

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From their beginning European tribes constantly warred against each other—over “anything” or for "no reason." With any ethnic group out to destroy the other, wars in the Steppes (semi-arid grasslands) were fought with "Inflamed Raw Nerve" vengeance. While on conquests of weaker neighbors, ongoing food scarcity in northern Europe caused primitive Europeans to have a nomadic, hunting lifestyle. Of course, there was an absence of political authority; the lack of society principles and cohesiveness geared to a common purpose; and gods were made in the warriors' images. After African women originated agricultural practices in c20,000 BC, these spread widely outside Africa. Although it took time for certain primitive Middle Eastern nomadic hunter-gatherers to learn farming, many of them--appearing to have shared the same culture and similar physical traits--immigrated into Europe, spread out in nomadic bands, and traded with each other over vast distances. By forming a bridge for movement back and forth between these areas, residents of the Middle East traced their ancestry to both Africa and Europe. Some say Aryans originated this way c12,000 BC in Iran. Others say they came from Central Asia. Nevertheless, consisting of bands of tribes, they spoke a somewhat common language; possessed a similar social structure; and practiced a like-kind religion. Contrary to popular belief, they were not a race. Besides, they were quite a dumb people.

The Aryans’ Patriarchal (literally “the rule of the fathers”) evil practices as warring semi-nomads were in full force at least by 2300 BC. Then these Brutes' (part of a larger group now known as Indo-Europeans)--who lived in the grasslands of Eastern Europe, north of the Black and Caspian Seas and in the region of south Russia and Turkestan--started migrating “everywhere.” In successive waves by c2000 BC--from central Asia, South Russia, and Turkestan--the horse riding Aryans spread throughout such places as Syria, Israel, Iran, Mesopotamia (Sumeria, Iraq), Persia, the Balkan Peninsula, and Asia Minor (an expanded Turkey). Note that many of these areas, and particularly around the Mediterranean Sea, were originally Black populations. Along the way--while settling in Iran, Mesopotamia, Persia, Asia Minor, Greece, Rome, Germany, Britain, and India--they devastated peaceful peoples. Aryans set up caste systems consisting of priests, warriors, kings, traders, farmers, laborers, artisans, and servants (who were forbidden to mix with the higher castes); then invaded India c1700 BC and colonized the Punjab region of Northwest India; plundered the rich cities of the Indus valley civilizations while absorbing much of the culture. While setting up caste systems (e.g. in India), they assumed positions of kings, priests, warriors, artisans, and traders--implanting the mental orientation of prejudices; the practices of discriminatory Caste Systems (the rigid and permanent separation of groups of people in society); and the self-declaration of being noble (!) compared to the Slaves they captured and a superior people (!!!). They were known to be needlessly destructive; to drink the blood of the enemy they killed; have sex with their mothers, sisters, and animals; to eat their dead fathers; and to grab hold of any trivial matter so as to fight, even friends--and without regard for their own lives or the lives of those close to them. Their superiority was in making, and using, tools for Kill/Take/Destroy in continual wars.

A “sinful pride” consciousness was not only in being able to conquer or subdue peaceful people but in claiming false beliefs of superiority in every other aspect of life. To hide their inferiority complex, they routinely stole the intellectual property of their Colored victims and claimed it as their own creations. As savages, Aryans destroyed as much as possible of the long established high civilizations of Black or Brown people—e.g. literature, craftsmanship, architecture, art, and various other cultural and civilization achievements. This situation caused them to fear White or Yellow strangers and thus to react to their made-up fear with Kill/Take/Destroy aggression. By allowing their manufactured "Scarcity Legend Symbol" to orchestrate their lives, racism was deemed necessary among those unlike them, and dissention among those like them. Thereafter, Xenophobia (fearful of strangers), a dulling of their senses, and a war oriented disposition became entrenched traits of European cultures (Diop in Ani p304). It takes no research effort to realize nothing has changed to this day.


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