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Ancient African "Seers"

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African Shaman, the earliest specialists on earth, were the first African storytellers, healers, priests, magicians, dramatists, and diviners. To speak of God was to symbolize the unified or total idea of the creator of everything real--e.g. all God's creatures, creations, and off-springs of the Spiritual Elements--like man, happiness, perfection, or harmony. They reasoned that the total pattern of the universe is known only to its Divine Creator. Yet, because of the Cosmic Order and consistent Patterns underlying natural events (changing realities) and Principles (unchanging realities), certain signs within this pattern--called Visions--can be known to Visionaries (“to see,” “to envision”). By living in Nature so as to absorb its rhythms, Shaman tapped into the timeless depth of what Very Ancient Africans called the Collective Unconscious and Epic Memories. These primordial (first in time) experiences are archetype (seeds) depositories residing, I believe, in humans' Omnibus Brain. The "Seed" images are called "Speculations" because they require many assumptions for which there can be no proof. Shaman would grasp these "Seed" image insights--called "Visions"--and imaginatively extend them to embrace all of humans' ideas and activities in order to provide insight for foresight and forethought. Perhaps this was done by using "Speculate," not in the way of Fantasy, but rather directed in the assessment of something by a priori reasoning (inferred knowledge from reflection). Such Reflections are mental activities which develop mental pictures around an imageless notion (a quality) typically made into ideas to express interpretation of ones speculations about these notions. This means one ponders the different aspects of a subject and evolves ideas or theories by mental re-examinations of its topics so as to discover harmony throughout it.

"Visions" and "Speculations," when bound together, enable Reflections on the existence and nature of pertinent things present in the Cosmos, the psyche, and God. African Shaman excelled in revealing through mortal things the brilliance of eternal forms. This and "World-Views" are from intellectual and imaginative "seeing" of things whole and clear. From having any piece of the past or present flowing with "Natural Processes" headed into the future + "Feeling" things to be true + "Felt Interpretations" of these processes enabled them to enter an "Internal Aura." Though defying reasonable explanations, inside this aura they were able to manipulate and maneuver these Visions as well as interpret Signs and Omens set before them. Such was based on their awareness that human fate is not haphazard but rather a part of a wider Cosmic pattern. Properly interpreting these signs--primarily through Emotions, since emotional states are Trance states (Amen, Metu Neter II: 164)--paved a way for a human's place and fate in the Cosmic "Big Picture" to be partly understood. Then inferences would be made to assist in stepping from the Known to the Unknown. To produce effects for making accurate predictions, Very Ancient African Sages discovered a brilliant form of Magic consisting of harmonizing the Laws of Nature by manipulating and maneuvering patterns of energy frozen in space into movements. The process was partly based upon such laws of Magic as: (1) "like produces like"; (2) an effect resembles its cause; (3) things having once been in contact with each other will continue to act on each other after separation; (4) different shapes create different energetic effects; and (5) Nature gives a specific power to a particular shape.

Shamans' offspring were Prophets and Prophetesses who went into ecstatic trances and allowed deities to speak through them. Affluent people visited shrines where a god conveyed messages to humans through priests or Oracles in a manner allowing for unification of their undertakings with the Divine historical plan. Ancient Seers were prophets claiming revelations from God through a Vision—a vision inspired by the moon. As a result of these revelations, they claimed to possess divine secrets and from this foresight came the word “Visionary.” Inside Africa, Visionaries' Occult (“hidden”) Predictions reigned--a prophecy derived out of knowledge of the Laws of Nature. Their information about future events was said to be obtained through psychic gifts, divine inspiration, the reading of signs, or the altering of consciousness. Then, they preached for God, to the people about "Knowing Thyself" (connectedness to all) in order to be ones Real Self.


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