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J.A. Bailey, M.D.: Europeans' "Big Picture" Evolution

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It is fascinating for me to learn about historical things that have shaped the minds of Black People--things like the super-brilliance of Ancient Africans; the devastations to Enslaved Africans from their impact with Europeans; Europeans' vociferous--i.e. noisy and vehement outcries of the false "savageness" of particularly Primitive (the first humans) Africans; the ongoing demeaning and bad fantasy things Europeans say about modern Black People; the untrue things Europeans say about themselves in their pitiful attempts to justify their self-declared "White Superiority"; and of particular interest, what Europeans refuse to say about their own history. My fascination leads me to want to know: "who are these Brute people that cause so much destruction?" The practical application of these answers is in helping to alleviate a tiny bit of Black People's needless/endless pain and suffering. Within this context, I believe that a major way for struggling Black Americans to obtain a mind free of "Slave Survivals" (traits which worked okay during slavery to endure its hell but are now self-defeating) is to know the Truth of the above mentioned historical aspects.

According to Spencer Wells, ancient Europeans [e.g. La Braña man with dark skin/blue eyes] adapted over 10,000 years to the much colder northern weather and low sunlight conditions with shorter limbs for heat conservation and lighter skin. In looking for information in hundreds of references on European concepts about the Supernatural, Religion, Magic, and Figures of Mental Recognition (e.g. Symbols, Images, Icons, Legends) used to guide their lives, in a tiny few of them I saw only a line or two about these. One European author said Jacob Grimm, a C19 European historian, who began putting this information together, was stopped by "controversy" saying it was "too embarrassing" to believers in monotheism. In "bits and pieces," mention was made of outrageous things Europeans have done--making it clear to me that European Satanists have been that way from their primitive beginnings, constantly repeating evil patterns, and will never change. As a different human breed, they are not to be dealt with featuring African Tradition humanity ways.

But these Satanists must be distinguished from other Europeans. As a rule of thumb, early European cultures around the Mediterranean Sea, because of having started as African cultures and because of their continued close contact with Black Africans, had a philosophy of life different from the savage Northern Europeans who, throughout history, destroyed whatever was good everywhere they went. As to how this came to be, let us listen in on what today’s Europeans say about their European brethren of earlier times in history. Broom and Selznick (Sociology p88) said: “…the primitive peoples did not blindly accept the ‘superior’ culture of the Europeans even when defeated in combat. In art and drama the primitive peoples lampooned the white man and represented him as ignorant and destructive. Neither the manners nor the morals of the conquerors are objects for admiration as seen through the eyes of the primitive artist.” Aristotle (384-322 BC) added: “The races that live in cold regions and those of Europe are full of courage and passion but somewhat lacking in skill and brainpower….” Poe (Black Spark White Fire p342) supported this comment by saying: “…that fair-headed northerners were not very bright. The stereotype of “dumb blonds” is evidently older than we think!” The truth of these three things—being dumb, destructive, and devoid of morals--bothered the barbaric Europeans to the point that they eventually tried to overcome them by means of a superiority complex. The ultimate methods they used were brought about through the technological development of superior weapons for killing people. Yet, this did not stop these same barbaric Eurasians from interbreeding with the somewhat less barbaric Greeks and Romans (among others). As a result, they formed a new composite and practically homogeneous society that was more advanced than the northern barbarians but much less so than those of Mediterranean Whites. Out of these “new people”--cultural ancestors of White Americans--arose the later appearing Medieval knights, the European model of Hypocrisy. They became "Renaissance "Gentlemen" (who orchestrated the African American slave trade) and those became USA Southern "Gentlemen" who, in turn, set up and still run the USA government.


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