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Primitive Africans Began the Supernatural

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When the first humans appeared 200,000 years or so ago in Africa they entered a mysterious world featuring “weird” things (e.g. birth and death) and such earthly problems as rain, tornadoes, lightening, natural disasters (e.g. floods, earthquakes), and eclipses. Also featured were good things--like edible plants and animals. Nevertheless, everyday life was filled with predatory creatures, lightening caused forest fires, and life-threatening bad weather. Lacking understanding of Nature and natural “cause and effects” phenomena, they assumed these and similar problems were caused by Spirits in the Un-Seen World they created. In other words, perhaps from peering into Unseen Realms and proposing a variety of good and bad spirits, Primitive (the first people) Africans originated and took for granted Supernatural concepts. We know the Spiritually driven human nature of children leads them into the prime condition of the psyche involving a dependency on parents, an attitude of submission to authority, expecting approval, and fearing discipline. In an identical manner, environmental factors related to psychic abuse and despair will cause individuals to return to a birth-like human normal "Wild" mindset whereby their character can be reordered into self-destruction by ignorant and/or evil people. But additional essential factors in this reordering are awe and fascination from their human nature being turned "Inside-Out"--meaning everything is just the opposite of what they instinctively know to be right. Such occurs only by psychically entering a Supernatural realm under the label of what I call Post-Traumatic Distress Syndrome (PTDS). The Supernatural World per se--a realm amazingly little discussed in the literature--is the primary tool used to control people's minds by means of evilly constructed Magical Thinking.

Nevertheless, Supernatural beliefs have their basis in the unique philosophy behind the System of Values in each society (and individual). Because of the Supernatural realms' varied contents from one society to another and having different forms of content and context significance according to age group, it carries no homogeneous meaning in any given society. Thinking in terms of the Supernatural was part of how Primitive (the first people) began coping with life. This led them into Subjective Science consisting of Observation, Reflection, “Pure” Feelings, Productive Imagination, Contemplation, Inductive and Deductive Inferences, and Common Sense. Thus, there were/are thoughts about unrealistic things--contingent beings--bringing about changes in reality for good or for evil. In turn, they used these thoughts to investigate what is underlying those imagined things. Such caused them to evolve into the Spiritual Realm of realizing there is a Cosmic Creator, now called God, who can only be known by the manifestations of the Spiritual Elements of African Tradition--Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural. These Spiritual Elements are provable by Subjective Science. Yet, Africans' Supernatural Realm remains intimately connected with the Spiritual, if for no other reason than it being essential to enable the people to understand the complex concepts involved in the Spiritual Realm. Such was done by Ancient African Sages having African Groits (story-tellers) convey principles for living to people using Figurative Language.

In modern times, Brutes, called "Illuminati," refer to those conspiring to dictate laws for world affairs by means of controlling the minds of peoples of the world. This is done by masterminding events; pulling the strings and levers of power in dozens of novels, movies, television shows, comics, video games and music videos; and planting agents in government, the legal system, and corporations for purposes of establishing a New World Order whereby they gain unending political power and influence. Driven by Satanism concepts, they exhibit minds similar to children going through the "terrible twos" in fashioning anti-Spiritual Elements realms of living--realms in direct competition with the Spiritual Realm of African Tradition. Their most afflicted victims--those who normally think on Metaphysical planes of existence--have been reduced by means of Satanism oriented psychic and philosophical trauma to thinking in ways directed by these Brutes. This condition is maintained by keeping the people ignorant and distracted from what is happening to them by means of awe inspiring and fascinating Trinkets (e.g. gadgets) and Trivia.


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