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African Traditions' "Supernatural" Story

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The consequences of European Satanism practices on Black Americans/Africans has been a Post-Traumatic Distress Syndrome (PTDS)--a "Distress" implying a Maafa (Selfhood immeasurable catastrophe) worse than anything in the history of humankind. It derived from: (1) the "Big Bang" impact of free Africans brought as Enslaved into the Americas; (2) Then constantly undergoing brutal actions which reduced the mindsets of the Enslaved into Survival's essence Base--a bottomless pit; (3) Next was the impact of the Satanists' Supernatural mindsets with the Metaphysical Mindsets of the Enslaved, converting the soundness of those African minds into a "Mental Emulsion." (4) That mindset operates inside ongoing racism to fashion as many problems for struggling Black Americans as there are leaves on a tree. Each of these four must be thoroughly understood for proper Diagnosis and Management of today's PTDS victims. As background to this complex subject, allow me to classified the Cosmos from a human perspective into an Unseen portion and a Seen Physical World (known by the 12 Senses--color, sound, smell, taste, balance, motion, direction, heat, cold, weight, tactility, and pressure). The Unseen Unknowable Reality subdivision includes the Spiritual and the Subjective Realms--both capable of being experienced (e.g. by meditation or upon ones death). The Unseen Knowable Reality--the Sublime and Astral Realms--are "Felt." The "Invisible" Realm is an Imagined Image of something useful--the Supernatural.

To illustrate with an example of the interrelationship of these different worlds, Ancient Africans considered there to be a Cosmic Astral Heaven and the ultimate Heaven in "Another Realm." The Astral Heaven, they said, is a State--along with other planes of existence--rather than a Place--a concept difficult for Western minds to conceive. A Plane is a State, not a place, where there is activity in the eternal energy of Spirit in which the Cosmos lives, and moves, and has its Being. In any given point of space there may be many planes of activity. To elaborate, the air may be filled with many notes of the musical scale, each note being simply a certain degree of vibration of the air. The notes occupy the same position in space and yet do not conflict with each other so far as space-filling qualities are concerned. Despite the axiom of physics that no two bodies of matter can occupy the same space at the same time, the laws on other planes differ. For example, thousands of these vibratory musical notes may occupy the same space at the same time, as heard in any Jazz group. Different instruments are playing at the same time, and the air is filled with countless vibrations. Yet, one may pick out and distinguish any particular instrument and even particular notes. No note is lost and the entire volume is manifested in a small space of the ear drum.

Another illustration is that light appears as the result of the vibratory waves of the Ether coming in contact with physical matter. Each ray of sunshine is composed of the Color Spectrum--violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red--each color, possessing its own place on the vibratory scale that reaches earth. These colors may be separated by means of certain prismatic instruments and all are to be found in every point of space in which the ray of sunlight appears. Furthermore, beyond the realm of light visible to the human eye are many colors invisible to human sight because their vibrations are either too high or too low. Nevertheless, they also are detectable by means of instruments. The point: like color vibrations, different worlds are in space-less planes of existence.

The Metaphysical Planes--the Spiritual, Subjective, Sublime, and Astral--and the Physical Planes--Unbounded Tangible, Partially Bounded Tangible, and Concrete or completely Bounded Tangible-- each represents a unique degree of vibratory energy--but not Matter (which is merely a very low form of vibratory energy--even the finest form of Matter). Still, every plane manifests in the same point of space at the same time. Ancient Africans have no doctrines of Heavens or purgatories in the sense of Places, as do Westerners. Hence, there is great confusion as to how to deal with realms between the Material Planes and the Spiritual Planes (whose nature is beyond humans' minds to conceive); between Heaven and Hell; and between Ancient Africans' imagination constituting the Supernatural Plane with Europeans who give it a superior reality.


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