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On Researching Black History (4/6)

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In preparation for doing daily Black History research, I buy all the used books at library sales that could possibly relate to my interest. If these cross-cultural/cross-fields books have any pertinent information (and most do not), they provide different ways/planes of looking at the same topic. Upon ceasing to use all European information in the 1980s and switching to African literature, it took me years to learn whom to trust--about what--and to what degree. This I had learned as a medical detective while serving as an Independent Medical Examiner for the State of California in the medical-legal arena. My first determination on the toughest of cases referred by judges was: "to what degree do I believe this patient and what is their "payload" concern? This was transferred to dealing with authors and their books. Such was made easy since I seldom read a book from cover to cover but rather read to a subject. That allows me to cross-check what different authors say about the same subject. European books help regarding subjects on purely English topics and spellings.

Still, for completeness I want to know their ideas and, to this end, I will select what has the best chance of being most generally acceptable. For example, in looking up "Imagery," those who write in encyclopaedias are likely to be more highly qualified than single author books--so I start there first. If one psychology book does not have a psychology word, other psychology books are not likely to have it either. So I coin my own meaning. I separate books with complex discussions from the simple ones with short discussions--and doing those first reduces the pile and gives bits and pieces helpful in understanding the complex discussions yet to come. Such information may be one sentence or even one word--but both require rotation in all directions to open novel meaning possibilities to new ideas, maybe on new planes of existence--or for a meaning never intended to be in that word. Rarely do I look for the answer but rather for how and on what plane it deals with the subject. The objective from reviewing hundreds of books per word is to help formulate an Imageless Icon Concept of Certainty, serving as a seed whose cultivation expands my awareness of various Metaphysical realms. An example of an Imageless Concept--i.e. an awareness of the proper 'ballpark' without a specific mental picture--is the Cosmic Organism and its identical Order, Regularity, Coherence, Consistency, Compatibility, Balance, Harmony, and Predictability throughout.

The "Seed" of each Icon sprouts a "Tree" pattern--that brings to mind "Like-Kind" things--that connects seemingly unrelated things--that displays the Law of Correspondence (Cosmic Principles apply everywhere)--that aids prioritizing for the keystone--that gives insights into handling the unknown. Early on, my first published articles and books concerned basic Black History and detailed discussions about pertinent words. This enabled me to see in new ways how world cultures used concepts in words and the resultant Imageless Concepts served to open multi-directional doors to entirely new realms of Cosmic activity. My later books reflect this evolution in relation to detecting Ancient African philosophy and using it for diagnostic and personal Selfhood refinement purposes. Since their ways of thinking are so superior to the USA system + their use of entirely new 'old' words + their elevated ways of looking at familiar life-shaping/life-changing things of Nature, necessitated writing five Afrocentric dictionaries to keep up with my own Spiritual evolution. To understand and enjoy the beauty and simplicity of this "new" Ancient African language, my mind must be free of all European concepts. This means not using any of them to try to gain insight into African concepts. African terms must be seen and understood as they Spiritually arise and evolve. Now my Afrocentric dictionaries enable me to look up a given word by means of the computer word finder so as to see varied meanings of a given word in different contexts and from several different perspectives. When those meanings are synthesized, new options arise--and that has revolutionized my thinking. I am now able to form concepts about life-shaping words (e.g. Character) which have defied definition. This is greatly aided by, after 45 years of such research, my being in the flow of how Ancient Africans thought about many things--and that helps me weed out "SEEMS" right or Uncertain information not conforming to the Spiritual Elements.


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