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"Seems" Right

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Let us step back into 60,000 BC when ideas about "Seem" originated in The Egyptian Book of Life. As a funerary text it is the earliest known metaphysical and philosophical codification of an active perception of endless transformations in Nature and human life (Seleem, Book of Life p 59, xiii). One of its 189 chapters says the first action of Cosmic Creation is the Divine Utterance of the Creation: "I am the Eternal, I am Ra…I am that which created the Word…I am the Word…." In African Tradition, the "I am" is what is present throughout the Cosmic Organism; constitutes the human Soul; and thereby makes a human a vital part of Cosmic Reality. That saying was borrowed into the European Bible (St. John’s Gospel) as: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." A prevelant European religious misunderstanding of this is that God is a "Being" somewhere "out there"--making "Being" the richest of terms and with the greatest amplitude of meaning. For example, a European meaning of 'Reality' is derived from the notion of "Thing-hood," of having Being--as a disconnection--outside the mind as well as the contrasted purely conceptual or ideal Being originating merely in ones mind. What is outside the human mind, as opposed to merely inside it, or what is merely inside the mind and not outside is what "SEEMS." This is because one side is not complete, as are the 'two sides of a coin.' In other words, Cosmic Being is part of all kinds of real things. Anything not part of the Cosmic Wholism, or is incomplete, or anything outside the boundaries of the Spiritual Elements makes it, at best, a "SEEMS" thing.

To illustrate Europeans' "SEEM" true sense, a diamond crystal's octahedron (Greek, eight faces) shape has the multiple faces of each exhibiting unique reflections and yet each face is essential to that crystal's complete picture. Now, if just one of those faces was removed, that flaw would break the integrity of the octahedron. Still, some say that missing face is so inconsequential as for it to SEEM alright. However, it now lacks the Certainty of Integrity--a tiny difference that could lead to failure; make morals a sin; or cause a formerly confident person to be led away from the Spiritual Elements. In assessing the C13 English word "SEEM" (Old Norse, conforming or fitting in the sense of 'becoming'), note that ones emotions are so "awed," overwhelmed, and swayed by Appearances as to overlook the defect and thus get on the wrong track. The C13 Old French word "Appearance" (to show; to come into sight) means 'Apparent' and thus it is not actual reality. Whatever does not conform exactly to the Spiritual Elements is man-made, not God-made. Hence, as Certain is to Uncertain--as the Actual is to the Possible--as Being is to Becoming--as "is" (i.e. Being) is to "is not" (i.e. non-Being)--as Knowledge is to Information -- "Reality" is to Appearances of Reality--as"Real" is to "SEEM." The point: Reality is present in all of the Spiritual Elements' Complementary Opposites and thus is present throughout the Cosmic Organism. Put another way, since all real things contain God's Substance, each is a Symbol of God; the rest can only be an Image of ones false creations.

What spotlighted this subject for me was in realizing Ancient Africans had no concepts of Faith/Belief in God because they did the work to Know God by God's manifestations. Yet, European captors reversed this with cunning manipulations of SEEMS right so as to control minds of the Enslaved and take away the Certainty power the Enslaved had in Knowing God. Those Enslaved who became trapped were thereafter led by evil Europeans' interpretations of the European Bible. While being unaware of the doubt contained in the showering of "SEEMS" true deceptions, the constant repetition of those flawed ideas were gradually programmed as Faith/Belief/Trust" into their religious system, as orchestrated by European religious leaders. The Enslaved were intimidated into not questioning the European Bible's anti-Spiritual Elements (e.g. anti-feminism) and accept this "on Faith as God's Word." To highlight, just as to have an error of 0.0001 degree in going from Earth to the Moon will cause one to wind up on Mars, slowly and gradually applying "SEEMS" Right (giving the impression of Being) flaws to big issues makes evident something not "ringing true." Failure to be on the Spiritual Elements path, as set out by the Ancient African Bible, is Certain to cause increasing confusion and frustration in ones standards, filters, and guides for living.


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