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On Researching Black History (3/6)

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In keeping with the old saying: "Until the lion has a biographer, the hunter will always be the hero," I am that self-declared advocate for struggling Black People. Despite mentoring (African 'Jegna') Black youth in the mid-1970s, insight into Europeans' world-wide conspiracy to wipe out all aspects of the superiority of Ancient African philosophy and Spirituality came in the late 1980s. "Conspiracy" (C14, OF, to breathe together, later to take over for "soul") means a combination of persons plotting for purposes of consummating acts with the evil intent of adversely affecting victims' "souls." It stresses 'behind-the-scenes' manipulations to displace or discredit intellectual properties of Ancient African Tradition which underlie all of today's major cultures.

Part of the conspiracy, as I discovered in my 45 sets of encyclopaedias and thousands of other books, is to ridicule Black People with stereotypes; be willfully ignorant of what Blacks do so as to misinterpret/mischaracterize the supreme Ancient African Spiritual practices; and always appear as the hero who defeated the lion. I never saw them mention that Black People were sleeping in gold beds when the ancestors of these ridiculers were crouched around fires eating raw meat. Support for these conclusions come first from the Euro-American linguist R. Claiborne (“Our marvelous Native Tongue”). He courageously said about the word 'OKAY': “…its source was unquestionably one of various West African expressions such as o-ke or waw-ke, meaning O.K. It is surely a major linguistic irony that this expression, virtually the trademark of Americans abroad, should derive neither from English nor from any other European tongue, but from the lips of a minority with which most other Americans still prefer to associate as little as possible.” If Whites credit Black People, their in-group isolates them for attacking the façade of White Superiority. Two other rare honorable European scholars--Candy, P. and Freke, T. (The Hermetica, 1997) said the Renaissance "gentlemen"--those birthing present day Western culture--actually acknowledged their debt to the Ancient African Hermetica. Examples are Copernicus, Newton, da Vinci, and Shakespeare. Second is Whites plagiarizing African achievements--and this applies to just about everything which underlies what is great today. For example, Deductive and Inductive Reasoning were wide-spread in Africa millennia before the Western world falsely claimed Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626) “discovered” it. Keep in mind that Renaissance European Scholars considered it a must to study the Hermetica (works of the Black Egyptian Hermes/Tehuti) (Candy p8) and it was acceptable for them to take information out of the Hermetica and claim it as their own—just as the ancient Greeks had done with Ancient African knowledge. Third is European scholars failure to recognize the Spiritual Elements as foundational to the Cosmos; that they form Archetypes for the Material World; and make all real things in the Cosmos. This means their dictionaries are unable to handle concepts on Metaphysical planes--either at all or without confusion and contradiction. For example, they explain "Worth" and "Value" as being synonomous but actually they are vastly different. For this reason, European dictionaries are of very little use to me. Fourth, after researching the etymology of a single keystone word in up to 1000 books--and I have published 12,000 words--it is clear to me that European information is predominately Flawed, as in being shoddy, weak, inadequate, limited, defective, incomplete; non-pertinent; not of keystone importance; facades; confusingly directed or headed; placed on improper planes of existence; improperly arranged or combined; deceiving; in conflict; evilly misinterpreted; racially/ethnocentrically biased; and/or mostly simply wrong!

For the same reasons, I cannot trust information of "Oreo" Black scholars who have been trained by Europeans, for their "payload" concern is also to suppress the greatness of Black People. Otherwise, they and racists do have some useful "non-payload" information which I never accept at face value--always putting it on "hold" until I can "check it out." I am drawn to Black scholars who also use this method; who go back to the source for Truth; who do not base their statements on what European "authorities" say; and who define key words. Yet, rather than giving a 'big picture movie' of Black History, most present snapshots of their favorite parts of it.


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