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On Researching Black History (2/6)

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(NNPA) An anonoymous reviewer of my book: Ancient African Bible Messages said: 'This is an excellent book giving light to the history of how the Holy Bible truly came into being. The Bible, rooted in Ancient African Traditions, making it clear how eons ago European influences altered the scriptures to fit the early Christian religion which begins to spread quickly. It is good that this book was written without much malice toward outside influences that created the modern bible. I much appreciate how Dr. Bailey bridged the ancient African culture to the African American experience. I believe it is good that one should know their history, tracing their spiritual roots to stand firmly in the present. The index of this book is a plus for finding specific information. This book was surely a labor of love for Dr. Bailey and such an informative joy for me to read. I will be buying additional copies of this book to give to friends and relatives." The reviewer spotlights the point that ones Purpose underlies the context in which Black History is to be researched. Regardless of ones Purpose, recall that any USA discussions of world religions invariably omit any mention of Africans. The reasons include racism, stupidity, and ego-centric beliefs in ones religion as "right" and all others being 'superstitions' needing correction by "Religious Wars." Yet, the Ancient African Bible's Purpose is to provide a philosophy, as opposed to a religion, for one to work out ones own serious personal problems causing one to be disoriented and stuck in a non-thriving status quo. This requires changing ones Ego-powered Lower (animalistic) Self over to ones Real Self's strivings to achieve ones Highest or Divinity status. To this end, perfecting my Spiritual journey is based upon Ancient African Bible philosophies, for they have millennia of proven soundness in ways to bring Happiness "forever."

But realizing my Spiritual connection to all God's creatures and creations requires, for example, researching to understand, for purposes of diagnosis and management, how struggling Black People evolved out of humankind's worst hellishness of slavery. Those who accept my efforts might benefit from discovering who they are and where they came from--important to enhancing their Missions and helping all who are under their influence. To have a specifically directed Mission: (1) keeps me from desiring to get involved with wanting riches, fame, or status so as to stay focused on necessities for a Reality Good Life; (2) cheer people who steal my intellectual property because they are likely to use it to aid the very people for whom I intend it; and (3) hopefully spurs people who disagree with me to devise something better, instead of ignoring it. Real Self discoveries and sharing it are humanitarian obligations requiring reversing the foolish tendency to be self-absorbed and do what SEEMS to be best only for ones own benefit--a pursuit absolutely blocking happiness.

From 'everywhere' I collect information--articles, sayings; throw away magazines from libraries and formerly from patients--and put articles in paper bags so as to get a wide variety of points of view on a subject. A good retrival system is finding what I want in 10 seconds. I study to gather 'everything' on a subject but no Truths have I found in European literature. Yet, since their best seems to have been copied from African Literature, it guides me to look more deeply so as to formulate steps leading to a Principle. Because these unchanging realities can be looked at from all sides and angles, as if seeing all parts of a matchbox, they can be maneuvered by either reversing the steps of the problem's evolution or twisting and turning each aspect of a Principle to increase understanding that might lead to diagnostic options and workable solutions. In sharing what I learn with the public it is essential for me to have my emotions under control. Having hurt emotions so sensitive as to slow, stop, or reverse wholesome progress is self-defeating in any success pursuit. In the early years of researching Black History I would get very angry at all the Satanism done to Black People. That I have improved in "letting it go!" is indicated by the above reviewer's "without much malice" statement. It takes great courage for me to be my Real Self; to look at things without a like/dislike opinion and say any 'hurts' of what my research has indicated is Truth; and to occasionally get less than enthusiastic responses from Black People on some of my best work. Oddly, daily complimentary comments are by people from all over the world eager for the 'painful' Truth.


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